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Now Entering Phase One…

First of all, the happiest of birthdays to the most awesome mom ever. Happy birthday, mommy!

Now back to the lecture at hand…

I am now entering phase one of all of the things I can’t tell you about. However, I can tell you a few things I’ve accomplished. The first thing I’ve accomplished is finally getting a laptop to aid in to publishing and blogging domination. Yes, for the past four years of blogging, I’ve been writing from a desktop, tied down to one location. Now I am able to sit cross-legged on my futon watching The Mentalist Season 1 on DVD while updating the blog or working on the book. Yay for a new laptop!

I have also opened up an account of Net Galley and am going to be reviewing new and advance copies of books going forward. I can’t tell you how excited this makes me. I hope to launch a book club in the future, so having the chance to see what books are coming out and know what books may suit my book club will be a great addition to my blogging. Besides, we all know how much I love to give my opinion.

The biggest thing that I can share is that I have booked my first speaking engagement that is in line with my website/book. I will be speaking to a small group of women at a seminar called Authentic Self on May 18th on the topic “Getting Serious About Who You Are in Christ: Go Godly Early.” I am supposed to speak for an hour to an hour and a half. I have been kicking around some ideas to address areas that Christian women in their 20s and 30s struggle with in their walk with Christ. If anyone has any ideas of areas I should address, please feel free to leave them in the comments section.

There are a couple of other things in process that I can’t talk about yet, but they are really close to completion. I’m working really hard on the website and book to bring you all a more dynamic, community oriented experience. I’m trying to come up with things for the site that I thinks readers will appreciate, and I would love your feedback on what you would like to see as a reader of one of my blogs.

I’m feeling a little sick and very tired today, so I’m doing the meds and bed thing (one time for being able to type this in bed!). If anyone wants to come take care of me, I am accepting applications.




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Good News & Gripes

I’m sorry I left you with such a moody post. I promise this one has good news. I’ll end with that to leave on a more positive note. I’ll start with the bad, move into the INEBIGTDIA, and finish with the good/great. Ready?

The Bad

My great aunt passed away at the age of 67. This was one of the family matriarchs, a pillar if the family, and someone I was very close to, so it hits really hard, once I slowed down enough to let it sink in. I wasn’t able to attend the funeral, either, so I was a bit upset about that. My great aunt had a good life, loved her family, and was a woman of faith who could pass in peace, so I’m happy for that.


We had a nutritionist speak at work a few weeks ago. It was a great opportunity for me to get some guidance food-wise. I won a one on one consultation with her which included an evaluation. I had to get weighed and measured. I stood on the scale, endured the tape measuring of my bust, waist, hips, thigh, and calf, and had my body fat measured. Afterwards, I got to ask questions and receive advice. It was really eye opening and helpful.

I started couch to 5K so I will be able to run the 5K our company has a team for in April. I’m not sure if I’ll do we’ll, but my goal is just to do it…and to finish in 45 minutes, around a fifteen minute mile. I have no lofty notions where running is concerned. I am buying YogaWorks BodySlim and possibly another favorite yoga routine to get back on the mat. I’m not making any goals there, either, except to meet my mat at least a couple times a week.

The Good/Great

I bought a domain for my website! will be my website. Right now it’s a blog until I get the web hosting selected and work with MH to design the site, but I have completed step one. I will buy the hosting, if things go according to plan, next week, right after my birthday! I am so ready for this. I’ve found the brand I want to work under. I know what I want to do with it. It’s ready to roll out. Be sure to check out the blog and follow the blog’s twitter. @seasonserious.

The book stalled for a bit due to performance anxiety, but I am back on it. I bought printer paper ( I ran out right when I finally bought ink, smh) and I am listening to interviews to pull quotes. Details about the book will be on the site as soon as they are finalized.

What’s new with all of you?



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Freestyle Friday: Coming Attractions

There are so many things I want to do with my little corner of the internet, but not all of it is going according to plan. I still don’t have a logo, but I did get the website design started.I have a color palette, some fonts, and a general home page layout. I usually end up working with my website team (aka Mr. Perfect) on Saturdays, so maybe we’ll get a little further this week. I am still praying for clarity of vision, to find a good domain name and umbrella concept for my site. I am kicking around a few different ideas, but I welcome new ones.

I am working hard on developing a challenge to help women do a little introspective and develop the ability to be who they really are behind all the artifice. If you follow me on twitter (@2blu2btru), you’ve heard me speaking about my Naked challenge. Now I have 31 days worth of topics and challenges; now I just have to develop them into posts and get some participants. If you want to be a part of my as-yet-to-be-named Naked challenge, email me at

I have been watching Love Addiction on TV One. Is anyone else watching the show? I am addicted to watching it. There are some serious issues going on in relationships out here! The one I watched this week was about a man who refused to use labels for his relationship, withheld affection, wanted an open relationship, and cursed out a tarot card reader for saying his current (lady? woman? homieloverfriend?) whatever was his soul mate. The woman, who was affectionate and successful, seemed to think that expectations were oppressive and she shouldn’t put her expectations on him. She seemed to be willing to take whatever he would give, because when he did give it, it was great. I have so much to say about this, but I have to go to work. The season finale of Love Addiction is next Wednesday at 8pm on TV One. Watch it with me so we can tweet it out and do a facebook discussion.

I’m not even going to touch the Chris Brown/Drake debacle, Kim K. buying Ye a Lambo, Kim Zolciak’s wedding, or the new season of Bridezillas…at least not on this blog. I’m just going to say I have been doing a lot more reading, and will be doing more next week. Reading is fundamental.


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Federal Friday: Free no more!

I’ve been watching the news about the possibility of a government shutdown, budget concerns and the like all week across various non-reliable news stations that have sensationalized been reporting on the latest news from a slanted viewpoint. I don’t talk politics on this blog, and I’m not going to break that tradition. What I wanted to say is that I’m praying that something can be resolved and put in place. I’m praying for the families that are being affected directly by this situation, and those of us who will feel residual effects should a solution not be able to be reached. I believe we should always pray for those in power and that have authority over us, whether we like them or not, that they make the best decisions for the country as a whole. And that’s my PSA (Political Support Advisory) for today. 🙂

Now that we’ve gotten all of that out of the way, let’s get to the other reasons this is not a traditional Freestyle Friday, but a Federal (free no more) Friday. I’ve been looking into moving forward on one of my goals for the year that I haven’t touched: transitioning my blog to a self-hosted, fully branded, money making, writing promoting blog of AWESOMENESS (sidenote: I am not a fan of the overuse of the word “awesome”; I don’t mean this in the generic sense that some people use to describe or respond to everything. I mean the “old school” dictionary definition–since they’ve adapted the dictionary to have slang, it may be different now; I don’t know).

The thing is, most of the stuff I found is way more expensive than I can afford. Not that I expected it to be free; far from it. But do you know what it would cost to build a really nice personal blog, let alone a professional blog? Let me tell you what I found:

The first site I went to belongs to the company who designed a blog I follow. I clicked on pricing and came  up with…3500+?! For a blog?! That was the cheapest on the site. I found another site for $2500+ for a basic site. Never mind if you worked with them on branding, wanted a flash slideshow, or had any other frills. The dirt cheapest I saw looked like a website in a box and it was $500 and came with NOTHING…well, it came with something, but…ugh.

So I started to rethink my strategy. I mean, I can rebrand myself. I listened very carefully when Cosmo Radio spoke with the founder of Be Your Own Brand Unlimited (Be Your Own Brand’s website is here…not here; this is for booze.) I know the basics of branding myself from her, from interviews with famous people, from etiquette and how to books–I even wrote two posts about branding yourself in the dating game (here and here)! I know how to brand and I have ideas for a brand image. 

My content is already stellar–hello! That’s why you guys read, right? Right?

Now, I know people. I’m not interested in getting something for Free99, but I think I can devise a combination of payment, free advertisement, and IOUs that could be acceptable. I know a photographer who can do some portraits, branding images, and promotional tools for me. I know a few graphic designers who can help me create a logo and design a site layout. I know two computer programmers who do or have worked in game design and code things for fun (well, Mr. P. knows), and they love me (a little bit ;-)). I have an awesome computer guy at work who does the company website. Lastly, Mr. P. BUILDS WEBSITES FOR A LIVING. Somewhere in this mix, I have a self hosted blog…when I get some money.  

I have a great list of posts to post for the month of March and will be doing an In Case You Missed It special to help you keep caught up on the blog with all of the filling in that had to be done with February and March. You may have missed some wonderful things about branding yourself, the representative, misrepresentation, how to “keep it real” and so much more in my February is for Lovers post. Perhaps you missed the male guest posts. Maybe you’re interested in my Miss Manners posts or the Things Mr. P. Doesn’t Know About Me Extravaganza. I’ll recap it all (and spend a month rejecting pingbacks from myself to myself…can you click on the links in this post and tell me if the work ? Thanks).

I have some wonderful books that I’m sure will breed some great posts here in the coming month. I got He’s Just Not That Into You, The Denzel Principle: Why Black Women Can’t Find Good Black Men,  If You Want Closure in Your Relationship, Start with Your Legs (funniest title EVER), Marry Me: Three Professional Men Tell You How to Get Mr. Right to Pop the Question (which, if you follow me on Facebook, you’ve got a sampling of their Ten Commandments of Professional Men, and you know what a future post is going to be about!), Before You Say I Do, and plenty of others. Of course, all reviews will be on Copywrite1985. Many of these are research books for my marriage kit book. Speaking of which, interviews will be resuming shortly, and I will begin to post them again as soon as I send my day his book back fully edited and in the correct format…and solicit people on Facebook, at church and what have you. 😉 If you know folks who want to participate, let me know (Note: They have to be OK with recorded interviews. Interviews recordings will not be released–it’s just to help me keep my notes as accurate as possible). The only requirements are that they be married or engaged, willing to (honestly) answer questions, and able to either be called, meet with me, or exchange emails. Oh, and not be crazy, try to stuff me in a suitcase or trunk, and not scared of my buff bodyguard/boyfriend ;-).  Names, identifying characteristics besides an age range, race, and gender will not be used.

Sidenote: I miss having Cosmo Radio; I loved those ladies (and gent). Someone get me satellite radio again, please! Regular radio is not doing it for me. Thanks, management.

My book club idea is still on the table. I have some wonderful books we could read. If you are interested, please email me at 2blu2btru[at]gmail[dot]com, and let me know your preference of books, time constraints, etc. You can use the Contact Me page on my About page, email me directly, comment here, or leave a message on my facebook.

I’m looking into a camera so I can put up my own pictures and not have to search for those in the public domain. Besides, I’m sure you’re dying to know what I look like ;-). If you know of any cheap well priced cameras, let me know.

That’s all the randomness I have for today. If you want to leave me a bunch of randomness, feel…free.

THE POINT, in case you missed it: cheap suggestions for blog designers, cheap suggestions for camera options, and suggested interviewees for the marriage kit blogs/book (most especially in the Orlando area). And any exciting projects/weekend plans/running news/randomness you would like to share.