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A Perfect Birthday

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Today was Mr. Perfect’s birthday. I spent a lot of time this morning preparing my day so that I could: find a book for a book club I joined, get a library card, and get stamps from the post office before I helped Mr. Perfect celebrate.

I managed to find every book under the sun (except the book I was looking for), as well as solidify plans for my own book club (details to come soon) while picking up Mr. Perfect’s gift (yes!). I finally got a library card, fell in love at Books A Million, and the used book shop in the quaint little downtown here (which I explored this morning).

I bought Mr. Perfect very practical gifts this year (in retrospect, I always buy him very practical gifts. I bought him a book on Java (a computer language–I think) and an all-in-one Building Websites for Dummies book, both of which are things he wanted to pursue this year (learning Java and refining his website building skills).

After presenting Mr. Perfect with his gifts, I took him to lunch at Sonny’s BBQ.¬† After eating a satisfying meal of BBQ pork and carbohydrates, we walked around the mall to kill time (and drink or LARGE to go drinks), before finding a movie. The regular movie theater didn’t have anything that he really wanted to see, so we went to the dollar movie theater and saw Faster (which was pretty good). All in all, Mr. Perfect seemed to really enjoy his gifts and his birthday, and I was happy I could treat him for the day. ūüėČ

In a very introspective, me-centric month, it was nice to think about someone else for a change, and to spend a little time indulging myself without judging. I think everyone should examine and evaluate themselves, but you should also reward yourself and do for others, try to make someone else’s day. All in all, a relaxing day full of balance, if you ask me.

Happy Birthday, honey!



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Weekend Wrap Up

Weekend Warrior (album)
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I have no idea why I try to do anything at the weekend. I’m sure the only reason is because the weekend is the only time I’m not at work. It’s the only time I have to get done all the minial tasks I don’t do during the week, like laundry. The only problem is, it’s also the time that I get to spend time with Mr. Perfect and once a month I travel an hour and a half down the road to do my second job for a whole Saturday. Most times I end up stuffing so much into Saturday and Sunday that I’m not exactly rested when I return to the rat race on Mondays.

This weekend is a pretty good example of why I’m still tired and may have dark circles on Mondays. I only got to scarf down a small portion of lunch because I spent my lunch hour paying bills (like a responsible adult…what what? I’m on a roll!). On Friday after work, I came home and sorted through all of the clothes I’ve been avoiding meaning to wash that have accumulated. I got through three loads in my complex’s laundry room, then came back and hung it all up in my closet. After such exertions, I curled up with a book¬†and read until I got sleepy and went to sleep.¬†I’d meant to post¬†all the blogs I have written in a little notebook that I write during lunch, but have magically not posted all week (they will magically appear today), but I¬†was too tired.

Saturday morning I awoke early because my aunt was coming to bring me a entertainment¬†center she’d had in her house that I could put some of my books and DVDs in as well as my bedroom¬†TV and DVR. I washed dishes and cleaned the dining room table befor taking a YogaWorks BodySlim yoga break. I got through twenty-five sweaty minutes of alternating cardio and slow burn yoga moves (starting out with moves that¬†create a burning¬†sensation in your abs SOUNDS like a good idea; however…),¬†I called it a day. I called my aunt, who was supposed to call when she was leaving, to discover she was¬†maybe an hour away. Hilarity¬†ensued as I cleared¬†the space I wanted the TV to go, emptied the containers she let me borrow, straightened up the bathroom,¬†and generally tried not to look like the reason I’m not married is because I can’t keep a house (I failed, by the way… le sigh, as a bloggy friend would say).

Once my aunt and uncle arrived with the entertainment¬†center (and the awesome armchair I’m lounging in now…and a dresser) and Mr. Perfect arrived to help move it, we began¬†the task of moving it. It had gotten a little banged up in the move, and that, combined with removing pieces here and there to make it lighter, etc. proved to be too much for the pressed wood entertainment stand; it fell apart in a shower of nails, locking screws, and chunks of wood. My uncle pronounced it would never go back together, but we brought the pieces inside anyway. Mr. Perfect and I decided to regroup and then refocus on that later.¬†

Mr. Perfect and I went to breakfast at Shoney’s (yes, we still have one) for the breakfast buffet…even though it was noon. After breakfast,¬†Mr. Perfect¬†logged in to work and finished¬†a work assignment before we had to head down¬†for my second job (well, “we” didn’t have to go, but I like the company on the ride, especially when I know I’ll be coming back late). Hilarity ensued (again) once I got there, and I didn’t leave until 10:30, and didn’t arrive back home until nearly midnight. We made an emergency stop at McDonald’s to¬†get something to¬†eat (our first meal since Shoney’s at¬†nine).

Today I have to get a phone (since I paid a deposit for it and it’s included in my combo deal. It will also make the drive I¬†took yesterday largely ¬†unnecessary…whoo hoo¬†for saving gas and travel time!) with a fax, look into entertainment stands and computer desks, go to church, get groceries, watch the playoffs with Mr. Perfect, and try not to fall asleep. I just woke up, and I’m sleeply already.

Am I the only one who has these weekends where you spend more time working and scurrying than relaxing?  How do you create a little relaxation, a little me time, in your busy weekends?

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Weekend Wrap-Up

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This was my third anniversary weekend, and it felt like I’d come to a race thinking it was a 100 meter dash only to find out it was a marathon. By the end of it I was tired and out of breath, my legs were like jelly and my stomach rolled like a boat on a storm tossed sea.

Friday Mr. P. and I found our way to the Panda Express for Chinese food. We didn’t do very much, as it was already late and we had a lot to do for Saturday. It’s a lot harder to coordinate doing things Friday because we live so much farther away now.¬† ūüôĀ

On Saturday, we went to Target to buy gifts for the wedding reception. I’ve never used a wedding registry before, so that was an experience. I had no idea that there were so many varieties of bronze trash cans. I was out of practice reading SKUs, but we were finally able to locate the section we wanted and get some items off the list. We split up the items equally by cost and finally left, at which point we were starving and running behind schedule. We stopped at Sonics Drive In and took or lunch back to Mr. P’s so he could dress. Then we drove all the way back to my place so I could shave my legs dress. I didn’t have time to completely finish my hair and had to improvise (meanwhile, it was the first time in a while I had compliments on my hair–go figure!).

The wedding reception was a success. There was only one veiled reference to when Mr. P and I would be getting married. Everyone was happy and in good spirits, despite the cold outside. The food was delicious (and some a little spicy :D). After the reception, we ran around looking for a Wi Fi connection so Mr. P. could plug in and do some work related things. We settled on a McDonald’s after trial and error, and I half froze in my evening wear. It was one of those things you look back on and laugh at, from the comfort of your heated apartment.

Sunday was our actual three year anniversary, and our day was pretty laid back. We went to Denny’s, then walked around the mall, after which Mr. P. suggested a movie. We tried one theater but the movies started a lot later, so we went to another theater. We talked about seeing Fair Game, Faster, or For Colored Girls. I left it up to him, thinking he’d go with Faster. He chose For Colored girls. That needs a review all of its own, so look for that shortly.

After the movie, we went to the pub my company owns for dinner and to catch a bit of the football games (The Colts loss was disappointing; the retro uniforms…eh). I had the delicious flatbread again (three cheese chicken…yum), while Mr. P. had a game day special that looked tasty, and was a veritable feast. We capped the day watch Bad Boys II (as I have no cable yet).

Other positives from the weekend:

  • I got a refund from a money order someone threw away (finally!), which allows me to pay up my car payments and get them back on schedule, as well as my phone, and have some shopping money for holiday gifts!
  • I’m getting cable TV today! HD DVRs, highest speed internet, wireless network,¬†Showtime and The Movie Channel, and home phone ūüėÄ I can’t wait!
  • I have no idea how to DVR, or what to DVR, so I’m counting on you guys to help me out. What should I DVR? What do you DVR? What’s your DVR guilty pleasure?
  • After 3 years of dating, Mr. P. and I still are two individuals. We still both have our own opinions and preferences that we feel strongly about. Although we can butt heads a bit when we disagree, we can still get over it.
  • I learned a curious thing about submission–well, not curious, just something I don’t think about a lot. I told Mr. P. to choose whatever movie he wanted to see because I was sure he’d pick one thing, but he ended up picking something else. You don’t always agree with the choices your spouse would make. How would I deal with that if it wasn’t just a movie I’d rather not see, but a city I’d rather not live in, or something equally as important? I don’t know; I’m still thinking.

I hope you all had a good weekend. I can’t wait to get home and kick my feet up this afternoon; I’m already tired.

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TMPDKAM: When Mr. P.’s Away…

Thanks to Mr. Perfect for letting me borrow his laptop–and the untold person who’s wireless I’m riding on, LOL. Since I don’t have¬† internet for a while, I’m going to try and stay up all night scheduling wonderful things for you. While you’re reading, I’ll be participating in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), moving, settling in, and finishing a major project at work. Yes, it’s going to be busy in 2blu’s household of one. But I don’t want you to miss it all!

Mr. Perfect went back to his home state to visit on the fourteenth, and was gone until the twentieth. This is a “Things Mr. P. Doesn’t Know About Me” special feature about my shenanigans while he was out of town.

A couple weeks ago, Mr. Perfect went on vacation and visited family in another state. Faced with the prospect of nearly a week Mr. P. free, I got to thinking about time apart. What do people do when “we” goes back to “I” for a few days?

Every now and then, we need a little time apart & to ourselves. It’s good to check back in with ourselves and spend time in pursuits we enjoy that our partners may not, or which are solitary pursuits & experiences.

So what did I get into while Mr. P. was away? Here’s a quick recap:

1. Let them eat pie. By the time I entered college, my major sweet tooth was retired. After many years of Laffy Taffy ropes, sugar straws, and frooties, I didn’t want to see candy. But I’ve always kept a fondness for pie. Not just any pie–sweet potato pie.¬† I love sweet potatoes. Mr. P. is not big on sweet potatoes. So guess what desert I had with dinner without my sweetie? Oh yeah! (and it was DELICIOUS!!)

2. The revolution WILL be televised. I got all caught up on The Bad Girl’s Club, all the Real Housewives franchises, and 1,000 Ways to Die. I watched both¬†the House and NCIS marathons on USA. Oh, the bad TV! I fell asleep watching Forensic Files and¬†awoke to infomercials on Zumba. It was fabulous!

3. Scared Stiff. Mr. Pefect does not like most scary movies. I LOVE scary movies. So I watched Scariest Movie Moments specials, Friday the 13th, The Happening…whatever I could lay hands on to scare myself stiff.

4. Rubber¬†Band Betty. I do yoga¬†& pilates, which aren’t the most macho exercises, nor are they good for men with heavy upper bodies–too many inversions & balance poses for Mr. P. Minus Mr. P., I got my coure workout and balance & flexibility in. I¬†went to¬†the late class at the gym for Pilates on Thursday, and I’ve done enough yoga I didn’t need a class to get a good sequence going. P.S. Guess who’s BF said she was looking slimmer a week ago? Yeah, that would be me!

¬†5. Booty Booty Booty Booty Rockin’ Everywhere! Dancing round my apartment, downloading new music & just in the groove…that was me all weekend.

6. Lady of Bath. As a truly single gal, I had a whole beauty day in which I did my hair, took a hot bath, had a self-pedicure and manicure, and put on a face mask. That day was Saturday. Now, Saturdays I go to parks, movies, downtown, and/or out to eat with my favorite person. I’m not complaining. I like the way I spend my Saturdays, but I wouldn’t trade my beauty day two Saturdays ago! A long soak in the bath was exactly what I needed.

7. Clean Up Woman. One bathroom and one closet were cleaned in the making of this me time experience.

8. Of Deserts & Rain. As much fun as I had catching up with friends, reading, watching TV, exercising, and eating pie, I missed my guy a little. He’s who I share all my funny stories of the day with, who I discuss music & movies with. He’s the best person with whom to share a meal. He’s the first person I want to show my new hairdo. All of which makes him special, and none of which detracts from the fact our vacation from each other was much appreciated and taken full advantage of.

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Rediscovering the “U” in “Us”

Thinking About You
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Oftentimes, I get so caught up in us that I can push me right out of the picture. I am thinking about what we can do this weekend, what I should get us for dinner, whether or not he has anything to eat, how I can help/support him, how I can encourage him. I’m sure it’s the same way for him. He worries about how I will get to work when my car is down (like this week), whether or not I talked to my boss about a possible promotion, whether or not I have something to eat.¬† When you are in a relationship, it’s natural to consider the other person and what they may like to do or what may be better for them. It’s easy to lose yourself in the relationship.

I finally washed my hair yesterday. I hadn’t gotten around to it in longer than I want to admit. I used to wash my hair on Saturday mornings each week, spending a couple hours washing, deep conditioning, possibly putting on a protein treatment, blowdrying, and flat ironing. I would wear a face mask, paint my toes, go get my eyebrows waxed–whatever little beauty thing I wanted too see to. I would read Harlequin romance novels after work or watch a movie while cooking dinner. I worked on my writing. I downloaded music. I made time to pursue all those little things that kept me sane and feeling confident.

It seems that lately, amidst all the stresses of everyday life, I need those little things more than ever. The thing is, I kept pushing off doing them in favor of trying to relieve Mr. Perfect’s stress, to cheer him, encourage him, love him. It occurred to me that I had gone missing.

It wasn’t his fault that I wasn’t making time for myself, anymore that it’s my fault when he doesn’t make time for himself. It’s in my nature to give to other people at the expense of having for myself. I want to give my relationships my all, but then there’s nothing left for me.

It took me a while to realize that by taking time for me could only help my relationships. Bringing my best self to the table makes us better. When I care for myself, I can better care for others. I can’t expect other people to be better to me than I’m willing to be to myself.¬† If I want to be content and happy, I have to keep myself healthy & reduce my stress.

My car appears to be fixed (fingers crossed). I will finally have the opportunity to go to a class at the gym. I will be able to decide how long I spend at the gym. I will be able to have some say in when I get home¬† from work. I will be able to look at apartments closer to my job and decide what’s the best place for me to live.

I love Mr. Perfect. I love when Mr. Perfect comes over early in the morning and spends the day with me, or goes for dinner with me after work. I love when Mr. Perfect & I get to spend time together. But I can appreciate it better when I’ve had time with myself, investing in myself & my health. I enjoy going out with him a lot more when I feel like I look my best. I can relax and enjoy being out in the sunshine when¬†I know I’ve washed all my clothes & am ready for the work week. I enjoy cooking us dinner in my kitchen when the counters & dishes are clean. There’s nothing wrong with taking time for me.

What about you? Do you ever have a problem balancing commitments/relationships with taking time for yourself? Do you feel better after having some time to yourself? What do you do when you have me time? How does your me time enhance or detract from your relationship?

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The Marriage of Convenience

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I was talking to Mr. P. the last night about a book I heard a podcast about, about why men are afraid of marriage & commitment, etc. Somewhere in the conversation, the phrase “marrying out of convenience” came up. It’s something that we sometimes joke about amongst ourselves, but it was interesting to me in light of my marriage kit interview with an elder at my church.

When asked what were not good reasons to get married, he mentioned marrying out of convenience, specifically monetary convenience. This struck a chord with me because I sometimes hear the opposite. People ask why don’t Mr. P & I just get married, since we both pay way too much rent and are barely making it. I’ve heard “it’s always better with two people working and sharing bills than just one.” They know that we are not going to “shack up,”¬† a decision that doesn’t make a lot of sense to them either, so the only legitimate way to live together and¬†split the cost of living must immediately be¬†entered into.

I have also heard several other reasons for¬†people to go ahead and get married that have nothing to do with compatibility and everything to do with the fact that it’s convenient: wanting¬†to have sex without sinning,¬†because they’re pregnant, because they have¬†a child together, because they are living together, because they grew up together and get along, because they want someone to take care of them, because they want someone to take care of,¬† because this person is the practical choice, etc. But are any of these convenient arrangements really convenient?

I am not one of those Westerners who believe that two people have to be wildly in love¬†before marriage in order for the marriage to work. That’s what we do in America and¬†as the statistics suggest, it’s a crapshoot. Sometimes you get lucky marrying for love and sometimes you don’t. I am more inclined to believe that there are other things that are more important to the survival of the relationship, as you can learn to love, and you have to keep choosing to love, but if other things aren’t present,¬†there’s no point. Nothing forced, nothing false.

Arranged marriages work in other countries; why is that? Could it be that older people are better at figuring out what two people will work well together? Is it because the participants are bred to be married to each other? Is it because the culture is constructed in such a way that everyone is indoctrinated to believe that the practical aspects outweigh the romantic notions? Does their culture/religion trap them into these loveless marriages with no escape? Are Americans too vain & too concerned about superficial attributes, which leads us to marry the wrong people?

I am not answering any of those questions, because I don’t have any answers. But there has to be a better way to do things than they way we have been doing them–whether it’s¬†marrying¬†for love, superficial reasons, or convenience, people here still get divorced at alarming rates. Hopefully, at the end of this journey, I can tell you¬†the common threads in successful marriages,¬†and give you some perspective.

In the meantime, how do you feel about this whole marriage of convenience scenario?¬†Does it only work as a¬†Harlequin romance construct, or is there any possibility of longevity in it for¬†us? What’s more important to you in marriage–love, convenience, or some other, more practical reason? Have you married for¬†a primary reason other than love? Are you in an arranged marriage, or¬†from a culture that arranges marriages? What makes it work (or not work)? Or, if you just want to give me crap about something else I’ve said. leave your two cents after the beep…


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Make it Like Poetry: Untitled

Anyone who knows me knows I love music–from old school to new school. I love anything that has great lyrics and something to say, excellent vocal and musical arrangement, artistry, word play and interesting word choice–and sometimes I’m just another simpleton satisfied with a good beat. But this poem is about the great jazz or a great era. It’s also about Mr. Perfect.

Not too long after Mr. P. and I started dating– which was whirlwind thing, sort of; we connected and clicked as if we had been deep in friendship our whole lives–he had a birthday. He had gotten me a very nice Christmas gift and included this really beautiful card the month before, and I hadn’t gotten him anything. I wasn’t expecting to get anything, as we had just started “talking” as the kids said when I was a kid. Anyway, I wanted to do something special for his¬† birthday, and I bought him a gift and wasn’t happy with it. I couldn’t find a card to say what I wanted, either. Then I thought “wait; I write stuff!” I knew he liked jazz, so I made him a jazz CD and included this poem. It sucks. Enjoy!

When you listen to the saxophone

Wailing and moaning its sad siren song

And Sara’s voice blows smoke rings,

Don’t go proposing with them.

When the piano keys unlock

Just the right note to fit between

Left ear and right

And Ella’s voice spins blankets that

Block out the chill of night,

Remain upright; your knees will want to bend‚ÄĒ

I understand.

It melts something in me too.

If you listen closely to

That space in between

Ella’s weaving, Sara’s voice smoking,

And pay attention when the saxophones

Snivel instead of wail and the strings

Are taunt with waiting, then

That intake of breath you hear,

The pulsing you feel around you, that

Crushing, pressing in of everything vital inside you‚ÄĒ

Is that you, me, or the music?

Has anticipation choked you with song,

Or is the hope suffocating you?

I tried to find the kind

Of card that said how I felt

That could hold my heart

Heavy with its ponderings,

One marked ‚ÄúFragile‚ÄĚ ‚ÄúHandle with Care‚ÄĚ‚ÄĒ

They don’t sell cautious hope at Hallmark.

Maybe you needed to hear me say it.

Listen carefully;

Don’t let the music melt you or mold you.

Don’t let it cradle you; don’t trust it.

Search it; it’s hiding


*See, this wasn’t as in your face as the last poem.

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Freestyle Friday, Reloaded

It’s been a while since mylast Freestyle Friday, and many of the recent blogs have been topic oriented, so I figured it was time to talk about ME !:D

Last week, Mr. Perfect and I saw each other all seven days of the week between going to the pub, Singles Meeting, our usual weekend fare, and just hanging out and spending time. I think this may have been the first time that has happened (it’s certainly the first time I’ve noticed), so I asked him how he felt about it. He said (and I am not really quoting, but this is a very close estimation) “This is going to sound odd, but I feel like at least now I know I can do it, you know, see you every day.” I wasn’t sure how to interpret that, so I asked him if he had doubted this before. “Well, no.” I’m still not sure what to make of that, except that maybe he’s trying to say there’s a difference between¬†thinking you can actually do something and doing it. Now that he has done it, he knows he can. *shrugs shoulders and welcomes perspectives*

My current Netflix TV on DVD obsession is The Mentalist. My mom used to tell me how good the show was but I watched something else in that time slot. Now that I’ve started watching, I love Patrick Jane and the gang. I like Simon Baker in general (he’s the guy from Something New with Sanaa Lathan)–he’s so cute and so funny, and I bet he would be a great guy to “jump the fence” with.

I’m so excited for The Closer and the new show Rizzoli & Isles. The Closer has been one of my favorite shows since it premiere five or six seasons ago. I just love Kyra Sedgwick, from this show to her role in Something to Talk about (to this day I can’t ask a guy if he wants something to eat without blushing, lol! If you saw the movie you know what¬†I mean!). I really like both Angie Harmon and Sasha Alexander on Rizzoli & Isles. I love their chemistry. I actually believe they could be friends, even with how different they are. Harmon was fantastic on Law & Order, and I just love her raspy voice and tomboy appeal. Alexander was one of my favorite characters on NCIS (I was so sad when she left), and this cooky character suits her as well as straitlaced Kate did.

I promised you poetry, and I have some to share. It’s meant to be spoken and is very sound oriented. As I am bad with spoken word (nice orator, but I have “rhythm issues”) and won’t perform it, and it’s not “literary” (whatever that means), I won’t publish it anywhere but here.

I actually have two movie reviews written that I have to put up as well. You may have forgotten I do those, it’s been so long. this movie season has been a bust, so there’s one reason there haven’t been many. Also, my abovementioned preoccupation with TV on DVD–which¬†I need to review more of as well.

I’m starting a facebook page soon for this blog. I don’t know why I’m over-promoting this blog as if so many people are reading it and I have so much to say, but it doesn’t hurt to try, right? Who knows? Maybe I will take the internet and the world by storm! It’s good practice, I love all the people I’ve met so far through blogging, and my stats can only improve from shameless self-promotion.

I have a LOT of posts written up and thought out, so put your reading glasses on!

P.S. I am in need of a new notebook to write these fabulous blogs in when I am on the go. I am accepting donations for supplies

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Searching for Solutions That I Know I Cannot Find

Mr. Pefect & I had a misunderstanding over Insanity. I have been trying to find my fitness passion, if such a thing exists for me, and Mr. P. thought getting a copy of Insanity was a great idea.

I’d seen commercials for Insanity, and it looks, well, insane. It’s high intensity cardio designed to obliterate fat, to incinerate it, if you will. While I don’t know what my fitness passion is, I will tell you what I do know: breathing has to be an integral part of the exercise (see also: yoga, running, weight bearing exercises)–I have to be able to move with the breath;¬†I have to be able to mentally go elsewhere, find my center where I am able to push through the pain by thinking through my problems, clearing the clutter from my head; lastly, there should be built in recovery time and movements (when you’re biking, for example, you can stop pedaling & coast for a few beats; in yoga, you can mountain pose or child’s pose it out). These are important, as I have EIA (Exercise Induced Asthma), and used to have a heart murmur…or do still…been a while since my last cardiology appointment).

Insanity is all cario, with a “breathe when you can” pace. Shawn T tells you to “be present” with the movement (no to do list checking here–and no head clearing either). There seems to be little in the way of recovery movements, the only one I witnessed being shake it out. That’s just the fit test mind you.

Mr. Perfect knew none of this when he suggested it (not for the first time). His coworker has lost a lot of wight doing it, and I want to lose leight, 2+2=4, etc.

The things is, as talking to Receptionist Chick (who needs a blog name) helped me articulate, I want to find somthing that gives me more than physical results. As¬†Jay, the Dallas Cowboys¬†cheerleaders’ trainer, says, “success breeds success and success breeds complacency;” or, as Mr. Perfect & I extracted from this ambiguity, early success sets up success (meeting smaller¬†weight loss goals helps¬†push you to reach your ultimate weight loss¬†goal), and that success leads to complacency. I don’t want to reach my weight loss goal & never workout again until I’m fat again, which is why it has to be something I enjoy and can make into a lifestyle change.

My runner friends talk pace, mi/min., somthing about turnover/footfall blah blah blah, routes, upcoming races; my tennis friends talk services games, one & two handed backhands, top spin. My weightlifter friends talk flexion & extension, supplements, protein, hydration. But they all talk about their physical activities–not complain, or make excuses why they didn’t go running of lift today. It’s never too hot or too cold, not dependent on who else is going or doing it. They just do it because it’s what they do, what they like, what they’re invested in.

I know I won’t feel as complely enamored with any physical activity as I do with writing, but I can find a little corner of my heart for that one special thing.

I’m not completely throwing Insanity away in the meantime. Shawn T. did tug a smile o two out of me during the fit test, and I love that the participants were also struggling through it (makes it more real, despite thier near perfect bodies), and it does present a challenge. I usually respond well to those. We’ll see.

My irritation was not with Shaw T. or Mr. P.’ they were only trying to help. Not know what it takes to make me happy fitness-wise is the irritation. It’s not kinowing a part of myself anymore that I used to be sure about that has me irritable.

In other health goal related news, I made my dental appointment for next month. Go me! I still have to make a doctor’s appointment and a gynecological appointment (yikes!) but I’ve made progress.

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Late Night Randomness

I have a ton of things written down in my work notebook, but for my blog and a writing project, but at the moment,¬†I don’t feel like transcribing anything. My head is all achy and I feel like a nice sound sleep, but I wanted to write something as I’ve been so remiss lately. So here are all the pertinent details.

My life hasn’t gone completely to pot, as my last post may have suggested. There is one area in which my healthy competitive streak and tenacity has returned–my writing. I am saving all of the juicy details for when my head isn’t about to explode, but I am working on a project now, one which I hope to publish one day because it’s very close to my heart and I think it will help¬†many people.

Last night, I had the brillant idea to do my hair, which is partially why my head hurts. I was in a real girly mood, ready to shave stuff, pluck stuff, paint my toes. Anyway, I decided to wash, condition, blow dry, and flat iron my hair. I got halfway through the blow dry and got bored, so I flat ironed the sections I’d blow dried. Then I wanted something to eat, so I put it in a (half wet) ponytail and went to Walmart. I came back and watched “World’s Dumbest,” deciding to get up early and finish hair. I got up only fifteen minutes early and barely got through detangling and blow drying the undone section. The result? A huge *poof* on one half of my hair, a headache from yanking tangled hair, I was running late, and had a bad attitude (and bad hair).

Tomorrow will be better. Mr. Perfect has suggested Toy Story 3 in Imax 3D. I’ve never seen a movie in Imax, let alone in Imax 3D, so that should be interesting. Mr. Perfect has already informed me he has no desire to see TS3, had in fact wanted to see Karate Kid last weekend, so this is one of those “for 2blu” things. Aww…so sweet! (Guess who gets to pay for and sit through Karate Kid in the near future…yep…but if it’ll make Mr. P happy, I am willing to give it a chance); after all, he is braving the kids for me)

Receptionist chick is going to Blue Martini tonight and asked me how it was. It was a different experience, getting to tell her about a place she hadn’t been to; it’s almost always the other way around. My second bestie, Mz. Independent’s, birthday is next week, so I gotta figure out what to get her. She invited Mr. P and me out to dinner. Mr P. would be the only man in attendance. I may just leave him behind…who wants a bunch of hungry chicks eyeballing their man-meat, their Mr. Perfect man-meat? As my mom would say, I do not have boo boo the fool written on my forehead. I don’t know any of these girls she’s met at her job; they could be questionable. I’m just saying.

I wonder if the woman who bought the dress without being engaged on Say Yes to the Dress¬† ever got married…or even engaged. I wonder how long she had been with that man to go out and buy a wedding dress on a whim without a ring, and what her motivation was/ Had she neared her cut off window?

I’m no expert in love; I don’t think there’s any set timeframe in how long you should give a relationship before you go your separate ways, but I also don’t believe that the end surprises everyone, either. If the dress was an ultimatum, I wonder if it worked. People do strange things when they are in love and feel sure of their partner; it’s how people crack their heads open.

I should take an asprin and get some rest.

Woody, Buzz, Cowgirl, Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head, Ken & Barbie, & all the rest, here I come!

To Infinity & Beyond!