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Confession Time, and Day 2

I have a confession to make about day 2. I let a minor crisis get me off track. I have no gas in the car and had no idea how I would get to work. After posting this on Facebook (because that’s what we do now, right?), I laid around watching the Australian Open on DVR. The next thing you know, it’s after 10pm and my Dad is calling me about his book cover and sending me his manuscript to edit. So I didn’t work out yesterday.

But I’m not willing to be defeated so early in a challenge, so I did some self-instructed yoga this morning–sun salutations A and B, some warrior I and triangle poses, and lots of plank. I noticed my chattaranga is really weak, but my planks are strong. I didn’t feel like doing crescent pose, so I went with my feeling on that one. When I finished, I had a delicious sheen of sweat, and a trickle down the center of my back. It was a good practice, once I got my head to stop distracting me.

So I’ll get in a workout tonight and that will put me back on track workout wise. There’s so many other things I want to talk about, but a coworker is coming to pick me up. More later.