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As I was gathering links to add to Twice Told Tales about Relationships, it came to my attention I write A LOT about relationships, so much so that I need a relationship/love section of this blog. Also, because people love to comment on these kinds of entries but often only look at the last couple, I wanted to get their visibility up so you can comment yourselves silly on these great topics. So here’s my new page–Relationship Files!

A little about my relationship. I have been dating a great man, known to the blog world as Mr. Perfect, since December of 2007. Mr. Perfect is not called Mr. Perfect because he is perfect. I actually stole Mr. P (the name) from Taylor from Wake Up with Taylor on Cosmo radio. I call him Mr. Perfect because he’s perfect for me, even with all his imperfections. We fit together. We always have something to talk about (which usually generates these posts, or these posts serve as a springboard to). I have been completely unsuccessful at getting him to blog with me, but I’ve made an effort to accurately portray his commentary 😉

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