Pub Service: Interior Design



Interior design is an important part of the publishing process. This process takes place after your book has been written, edited, and proofread. This is the stage at which we work together to give the interior of your book a polished, professional look that perfectly displays its content.  This is usually one of the final steps before a proof copy of the book is ordered and reviewed.

Clients will receive a detailed questionnaire regarding their book’s content, organization and structure, and cover design. This questionnaire will also cover desired design attributes, such as image placement, text separators, figures, text framing, and fonts. Please note premium fonts which need to be purchased for this project will require client approval and are available at an additional cost.

The timeframe for interior design projects is 2-3 weeks. 2 adjustments to the final design are included. Additional adjustments are available at additional cost and are subject to designer’s availability/schedule.


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