Altered before the Altar


6 x 9

204 pages

Perfect Bound


Are you a single Christian woman who desires to be married, but is tired of bad relationship advice from family, friends, church members, the lady in line at the supermarket, and “relationship gurus”? Are you ready to really answer the question single women have been plagued with for centuries–“Why aren’t you married yet?” Do you care more about pleasing God than having a husband, but still long for a God centered marriage? If so, Altered before the Altar: Allowing God to Make You “Meet” to be Met might be the book for you.

Altered before the Altar began with the question that has plagued single women for centuries: Why aren’t you married yet? This book utilizes scripture, interviews with long married Christian couples, and advice from licensed mental health counselors, ministers and elders in the church to dive deep into singleness, dating/courting, and marriage God’s way.

Altered before the Altar will challenge readers to re-evaluate the way they view love and relationships as they learn the proper perspective for mate selection. It encourages readers focus on spiritual growth and self-improvement while giving practical tips to identify God’s best for their lives.

Learn to
-stay single, spiritual & satisfied before marriage
-Maintain purity
-Understand God’s role in relationships
-Develop the traits of a wife
-Identify the qualities a husband should possess
-Recognize red flags
-And much more!


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