About Erica

Hi, I’m Erica.

I’m a single Christian woman in her early thirties living and writing in Central Florida. I was born and raised in the Midwest, but brought up by Southern women to be a Southern woman. I have a quirky sense of humor and love to smile, laugh, and have fun. I love God, writing, reading, music, movies, pasta, cinnamon, caramel, broccoli, and spending time hanging out with girlfriends talking about Jesus and life. I talk entirely too much for my own (or anyone else’s) good.

I was baptized into Christ at the age of 13, and since then faith has been a huge part of my life’s story. God made me a diminutive woman with a huge heart for Christian women, particularly single Christian women and those looking to deepen their personal relationships with Christ.

I’ve been writing since elementary school and have always dreamed of publishing world domination. In the past ten years, God has steered my heart toward writing Christian non-fiction books to help women grow in Christ and commit to His will for their lives. I’m the author of Altered before the Altar: Allowing God to Make You “Meet” to be Met and the Altered before the Altar Devotional Study Guide, both geared toward equipping single women with the biblical tools needed to prepare themselves for marriage and evaluate potential mates. I’m also the author of A Serious Prayer Journal, a 28-day prayer journal based off the Lord’s prayer designed to help women get into the habit of daily prayer. My latest book,  The Season for Getting Serious: Growing Intimacy with Christ in Any Season, challenges women who want to grow a more intimate relationship with Christ to look at their life honestly and see areas for growth. It also encourages them to see and celebrate the growth in their lives and to build on it.

I also have a passion for fiction and am working on making many stories and poems available soon.

If any of my books sound like exactly what you’ve been looking for, check out my shop and pick up a copy (or 2…or 12!)

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