Starting Out the Way I Plan to Go…

A quick post today. I’m sharing my January goals. These aren’t deep or meaningful. The point is to get started. I’m diving into the muck and the mess and getting started. So here are my lifeĀ goals for this month:

  • Change my clothes when I come home from work each evening. It’s a mental thing that helps me switch gears.
  • Cook more at home. It will save money, it’s healthier, and cooking is stress relief and a chance to decompress from my day.
  • Exercise 2x a week. This has been a major fail this week, but I’m hoping to get better.
  • Set a bedtime. I always wake up at the same time, but I don’t have a regular bedtime. I want to change this for a more consistent sleep pattern and hopefully more energy throughout the day.
  • Pay all bills on time this month. No more late fees!
  • Start keeping a journal again.

More entrepreneurial goals:

  • Set up Square site to sell books.
  • Email three people about speaking
  • Email three people about sponsorship/advertising
  • Buy Adobe
  • Create book cover/marketing materials
  • Pay for 1 vendor opportunity
  • Finish The Season for Getting Serious? More on this question mark in a future post.

Personal spiritual goals:

  • Encourage friend who is struggling spiritually. (I have a specific person in mind)
  • Spend time talking to two older members of my congregation.
  • Read bible daily.
  • Pray daily.
  • Study and pray about seeking.

This seems like a lot, and a lot of these things are to occur daily, but I think this is a list that will help me jump start a year in which I grow closer to Christ and look more like Him.

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