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Just Dropping in

I haven’t been here in a while because I’ve been writing like a crazy person on the book. I have finally found a rhythm and a writing space that works for me where I’m guaranteed to get some words  on the page, and having that routine is helping the book to flow. It also helps that I have an outline of what I want to say in each section before I sit down to write it. Two of the things I have fought the hardest not to do turn out to help me the most, at least in non-fiction writing; who would have thought (besides everyone)?

I usually wake up in the mornings, pray, study the word, maybe pray again, then get to the writing. I tried to spend at least one hour in the morning just writing. I like to do my editing of the morning’s writings at lunchtime or after work when I can’t fit the writing in until lunch. Some days I write in the morning and at lunch and edit at night or the next morning. I don’t have a word count goal, just a time goal. At least one hour a day spent writing. It’s working for me.

The biggest thing that has happened with the book is I have decided upon a few deadlines. I have a deadline to finish writing, a deadline to finish my editing, and a deadline to turn it over to an editor I trust. I have a target date for publication if I go the self-published route. The deadlines are hard deadlines that I plan to stick to, totally doable, and scary. I was told that the deadline should make you a little uncomfortable and be a little challenging, so it is. I will share deadlines a little later.

The moment I told someone what my deadline was, I felt peace. Yes, this is the right time to get it done. Then I felt panic. Oh crap, I’m going to have to get this done! I haven’t been worrying about what will happen when I’m done writing, but once I set a deadline, those thoughts began to creep in. I began to think about the market and who will buy this book. The market is flooded with this type of book from all types of people. Most of my friends have no need for this book, so who is going to buy it? Why couldn’t I publish another book first? But this is the book that I feel needs to be out first. It’s the book I’ve gotten the furthest on and sacrificed the most to get done. I mean, I got a laptop and bought ink for my printer for this book!

I hope that you all are doing what you feel you should be doing and working hard to achieve your goals as well. I have to get ready for work.



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