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If I’m going to keep up with some of the changes I plan to make, I’m going to need someone to spur me to good works. That’s the one component that has been missing with all of my attempts to change these areas of my life. I prayed that I would find an accountability partner, then I put the worry about it aside. I have been choosing water over soda and controlling my hunger throughout the day, but I haven’t gotten moving yet or changed my diet much. Thank God for basically handing me an accountability partner yesterday.

I went out to lunch and shopping yesterday with a good friend from church. It’s been hard to catch up with each other as she’s recently married and has been in and out of town the last few months with obligations. She also recently bought a house and is trying to find her style and decorate it. Add in working, and it’s easy to see she has a lot on her plate. Even so, she is always willing to make time to come and see me. She came about two weeks before her wedding to spend the day with me after my car accident. She’s just a good friend, and really strong in her faith.

After church, she and I went to lunch at The Cheesecake Factory, breaking both of our recent goals to eat better (p.s. it was my choice, lol). As we began talking about our lives and our goals, it was easy to see that we were trying to accomplish a lot of the same health and fitness goals. By her getting water with her meal, it further convicted me to do the same. Instead of getting two loaves of the multi-grain bread as I usually do, we just share the one and didn’t eat the sourdough bread. These two little things saved me a ton of calories. We both also got the lunch portions of our meals and set aside some of the food to take home. It’s probably one of the smarter lunch meals I’ve had recently.

Throughout the afternoon, we shared so many tips and tricks with one another, so much wisdom. I don’t know about her, but I got very excited about my new goals instead of seeing them as punishment or torture. When she brought up being each other’s accountability partners in our wellness goals, it was a light bulb moment. This was more than just a cleansing conversation with a girlfriend; it was an answer to my prayer.

Sometimes when God answers my prayers, I’m not entirely sure if it’s the answer, or even what exactly the answer is, so I’m thankful that this one was so clear. God knew I needed encouragement, and a real no-brainer of an answer. Some of the things that she said really challenged me and pushed me, but I needed to hear them. It’s not that other people haven’t said the same or similar things, but I was in a place to hear them, and she was the person to say them. I don’t want to hear Mr. P. advising me on clothes or dieting. It’s something about hearing it from a sister, who doesn’t get any benefit from you taking the advice, and who isn’t saying it to be mean or who doesn’t have a relationship with you in which they know how to approach you about it.

Of course, there are many things that we shared with each other that aren’t for public consumption, but the main thing I wanted to share is the need to cultivate friendships and to have a friend that you can go to for support, that you can talk through things with without reservation. Cultivate friendships that support you, spur you on to good works, and encourage you in the Lord. There’s nothing like feeling alone to cause you to give up. Seek out those godly connections in your life. Don’t go it alone. This is what fellowship was made for, why the Bible tells us not to forsake the assembling of ourselves together. With so many in this world against us and God, we need to be able to receive encouragement from each other.



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