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Why I’m Not a Lifestyle Blogger

One of the things I tried to do when I began this site was try to define myself as a blogger. Part of branding, I figured, was to let people know what type of blogger I was in the same way I would pick a genre when submitting to literary agents. Unfortunately, picking a blogging “genre” can be just as subjective as picking a literary one.

When I started The Season for Getting Serious, I decided that it would be a place where I would give Christian women tips on how to get serious about their lives as Christians. I wanted to have helpful articles about everything from relationships to health to beauty to cooking to work. I wanted to be a lifestyle blogger.

The only problem is I’m not a lifestyle blogger. I read lifestyle blogs all the time, and they have a few things in common, mainly intentionality, instruction, and encouragement. Most of them aren’t Christian, but preach the gospel of intentional living and going after the life you really want. It’s like watching Joel Osteen with no mention of God’s plan for your life, just your plan for your life. In all subgenres of blogging, in fact, there are those who position themselves as experts guiding you. The more I thought about it, trying to be a Christian lifestyle blogger felt like taking a bunch of talk about living intentionally and saying “God, God, God,” in the hope it would stick. Besides, I’m not an expert on living the Christian life. I’m not even an expert on one little area of the Christian life.

So, as Chris Rock says in a completely unrelated stand up comedy routine, I only had one choice left. In blogging, you can be the expert imparting wisdom to the masses or the novice inviting the masses along on their journey to figuring it all out. If I’m the novice figuring it all out, I can invite you to give your opinions and things that work for you. We can keep one another accountable for staying on track. I find that I like these more because I can relate to the person, even when we disagree. They aren’t pretending to know it all, even when they are giving their realizations. Besides, I like the journey. It’s why I can find journal entries from when I was eight and ten years old. I wanted the future Erica to know who the current Erica was, what was important to her.

The thing is, I have ten years of ponderings to post here, and I have become wise in some areas. I am not exactly a novice Christian. I have been a Christian for over half of my life (which, admittedly isn’t a very long time). I have tested some of that wisdom and now have experiences to go with the wisdom and knowledge that reinforce my conviction in the wisdom and knowledge. So what does that make me? This blog?

This blog is about me and my day to day triumphs and struggles trying to get serious about displaying Christianity in every aspect of my life. Sometimes I will have insights to share, and other times I will have questions to ask. I want this to be a place where Christian women can come and see that they aren’t alone, that someone else is going through what they are going through. I also want Christian women who have been there and done that to be able to share the wisdom they have gained.

So, going forward, I plan on offering encouraging words when I have them, examples of faith in action when I see them, and exhortations to do better when I read them or need them. At some point, I would like for people to register and sign up for newsletters or encouraging words and to actively participate on the Facebook page. However, at this point, I am content to be free from having to be the expert on everything and am enjoying having a place to record and reflect on my individual journey.

What kinds of blogs do you read? Write? What’s special about the blogs you follow closely?

5 thoughts on “Why I’m Not a Lifestyle Blogger

  1. Interesting! I consider myself to be a Christian lifestyle blogger (and an expat/international blogger) but I don’t define it the way you do at all! To me a “lifestyle” blogger is someone who blogs about their life, not someone who blogs from a position of telling how it should be done. That’s not say I never am trying to be encouraging, but often my writing is about my brokeness and failures, my humor, my lack of housekeeping skills, whatever. I figure if it’s part of my Christian life (and I have no life outside of Christ, right?) it qualifies. That is to say, I definitely am a Christian Lifestyle blogger and NOT just a Lifestyle blogger.

    To me, a Lifestyle blogger generally means a fashion/lipstick/birchbox type blogger. Truth is, I don’t blog about that at all. But I figure the difference is that the most interesting thing in my life is Christ. Not every post is talking about Jesus, but I try to point to him in some way or another all the time.

    Eh, maybe you’re write about what a Christian Lifestyle blogger is and I’m not very good at it. That’s okay, I’m loosely niched. But I think it’s fascinating how different we have seen it.

    1. It is interesting how differently we see it. Most lifestyle blogs I see are usually giving tips and advice more so than just life experiences. Maybe I haven’t seen enough of them. I follow a lot of Christian blogs that I don’t consider lifestyle blogs, and a couple that I would. It’s why I said that blogging genres are so subjective. I believe we are whatever kind of blogger we say we are and want to be. Thanks for commenting. I will have to check out your blog. 😀

  2. This is a great perspective. I’ve been working on creating a brand new blog with a brand new voice, because I feel more compelled to speak of my experiences with Christ, but I LOVE how you described not being a lifestyle blogger. As I continue to write posts before my big launch, I will greatly consider what you said here.

  3. Enjoyed this, not sure how I stumbled onto your blog, but I enjoyed this post. I started a Christian blog a few months ago, still trying to define and refine my niche. Thanks for sharing.

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