Wrapping Up Month 4

The word for the month came to me early this morning (May 2, 2013) as I was working to edit some of my blog entries: revision. In that moment, I thought it only pertained to what I was actually doing—literally revising blog posts, adding categories, streamlining, etc., and maybe revisions to topics and structure that I had been planning with the book. But the more I thought about the month’s journey, the more the word seemed to fit.

In April, I had the opportunity to give my “Getting Serious About Who You Are in Christ” lesson twice—once in a very abbreviated form, and both times spur of the moment. The ladies’ class instructor and I had decided that the 2nd Sunday in April, the 14th, was the best day for me to showcase the program. On the 7th, however, she told me that she forgot her lesson for the day and wouldn’t have the opportunity to  retrieve it before the class. She asked if I was prepared to teach my lesson. A rough outline of the lesson with all of my talking points was drafted on the 3rd, four days beforehand, so I said I could. I went out to lunch with her and her family, then we went to the mall so the kids could shop. We ended up getting back very late and I only got to do about 20 minutes of it.

The second time was the very next week. I was asked to present right after morning service, and since I went home to eat, I was able to get back to the church on time. I had 45 minutes of teaching time, in which we had great discussion. I got to use some of my discussion prompts and really see how women engaged with the material. I had more time to share the concepts and ideas more fully, so that the women could understand them and ask questions.

Even though I wasn’t as prepared as I would have liked to have been in either instance, I got some great feedback. I was able to take that feedback, as well as seeing how some of the discussion prompts went, and start to figure out how I need to do the program this month. I discovered which topic areas I should put on my PowerPoint to prompt me when I lost my place. I figured out that I needed to better explain a prompt when people looked at me crazy. I found I needed to allow more time for the discussion of certain topics. Some feedback that I received helped me correct my visual presentation: make more meaningful gestures, etc. I was able to make significant revisions to the program that will make it better and hopefully inspire even more women.

Another major revision was to my thoughts for the website. I figured it would be pretty easy for me to get it up and running. All I would have to do is have Mr. Perfect walk me through a few processes and I would be ready to go. What I found was that Mr. Perfect and I had a bit of a hard time working together. Mr. Perfect, in essence, designs websites for a living. He does this for much bigger companies on a much bigger scale, so my little site should have been a piece of cake. Only, I’m the client.

I’m a horrifying client, y’all. I am detail oriented, super specific, exacting, and will more than likely try to do it myself before I ask for help. I did very well in March communicating with Jada about what I wanted for the site and giving him some leeway to expand on the vision. I even left Mr. P. to worry about what type of files we would need. But we couldn’t even get through the process of transferring the domain to the new host without a few tense words.

I had to revise my strategy in doing the website. I’m having to ask “can we do this?” “How do we do this?” “What do I need to do to accomplish this?” As a result, the site has been down for over a week. I’m thinking putting just the blog up as a separate entity while we work on the rest of the kinks. My vision for the site is being reworked while I try to figure out what’s possible on the budget I currently have. Fun times.

The revision of the actual blog posts has been tedious, but rewarding. I integrated all of my WordPress blogs and a few others (and am still working on yet others) and began to sift through, taking out the ones that weren’t about anything (mostly post-a-day filler posts). I’ve been fixing spelling and grammatical errors, rediscovering posts I meant to write, and generally wondering how I could have been so different such a short time ago. Some of those blog posts go back to 2003/2004. That’s nearly ten years ago. Let me tell you; a lot has changed in ten years.

Looking forward to the month of May, I’m hoping to continue to capitalize on all of the progress I’ve made thus far. It’s been a stellar three months for me as far as progress on the website goes. Even though I’ve spent the month revising things–my presentation, my ideas for the site, my book–I realize the necessity of it and count it as progress.

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