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Getting Serious About Who You Are in Christ


The one thing that I don’t like about a speaking engagement as part of a program is that it’s so limiting. Since , it’s not my program, I can’t get up there and spend hours moderating this conversation with women that I see going on in my head. It’s like that song Madonna did; I feel like I only have four minutes to save the world (which would be a pretty good running song now that I think about it). With the time restriction, I find myself having a lot of topics getting placed on the cutting room floor, and I want to make sure that I get to the most important things without going over time. It’s a balancing act I’m not used to.


The main things I want to cover can be broken down into categories by aspects of who we are in Christ as women, nouns that describe the women we should be. I have chosen to focus on the following nouns: scholar, athlete, soldier, student, teacher, customer service representative, CEO, big sister/little sister, and friend. Within these areas, I will be discussing communication, wisdom, Bible study, quarter life and midlife crises, the woman in the middle, social media,¬†friendship, self-esteem, and what it ultimately means to be a Christian woman. I have a few short activities for the ladies to do and some discussion questions so I’m not just talking at them for an hour. I’m hoping it all goes well.


I am really sad I won’t get to talk much about the area that I’ve been studying and writing about the most, which is the area of relationships. I won’t get to talk about any of the mate selection tips or things that I’ve studied that God says about relationships, which is disappointing because I think so many women would benefit from hearing it. But this is more important. Maybe I’m just trying to retreat back into what I’m comfortable with because this is new territory for me.


I’m really thankful for the opportunities to share this lesson (twice!). I’m hoping the website header will be in place and everything will be transferred to the new host before the seminar. I also want to have the book available and business cards to promote the site available. I want women to be able to sign into the site and start interacting with the material as soon as they hear about it. With God’s help, I think I can do it by May 18th…but only with God’s help. This year is moving swiftly.

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