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The News I’ve Been Dying to Tell You About

Yesterday, I put down the deposit for one of the things I wanted to do with this site. I have a simple plan to progress this site. The first step was to switch the site from a site to my very own domain, which has been done. The next steps were much more costly and took some time to find the right people to work with to make them happen. Well, this month has been a busy month for me in terms of making website goals come true.

You may know that this site has been my dream for a long time. Not only did I want to house all of my different blogs under one umbrella, I wanted a place to showcase and sell my writing, develop a community, and build on my personal brand (even though at the time I didn’t have one). I wanted to be able to go to the blogging and writing conferences with a neat little business card with my company logo, not just to fit in with the masses, but to pursue my dream of being a published author. I even came close to having a site last spring/summer, developing a color scheme, a couple of possible domain names, and looking into hosting. But I couldn’t find the right people, the best name, and a million other setbacks. Quite frankly, it wasn’t the right time.

But one reason I know that this is the right thing at the right time is because of how easily things are falling into place. At the end of this month, I will have had this domain name, this site, for one and half months. In that one and a half months, I found, contacted and engaged someone for one of the most critical pieces of the early stages of developing my little cyber corner. Yesterday, I received the first concepts for it and put down a deposit to have it developed. I have officially engaged a graphic designer to make a logo and header for the site! The secret is finally out!

There are other great developments coming up for me. I have found a service to host the site and will be beginning the process of transferring things soon. I don’t know if setting it up will pull down the site for a while or how it will effect any subscriptions to this site via WordPress, but I will check with Tech Support regarding how this will effect the site in the near future. I have shared that I will be speaking at my aunt’s seminar in May regarding Getting Serious. I am also speaking to the women of my congregation in a practice run in a few Sundays. I hope to have the logo completed by the seminar so I can print those business cards to have available for it. I’ve had a few request to record these engagements and put them online for viewing, and I’m hoping to either have a podcast or video available afterwards for all of you to see.

Now that my laptop is set up with the latest Microsoft Office suite (thanks Tech Support!), I am officially mobile with working on the book as well. I can now sit in coffee shops and library nooks like a “real” writer when these for walls start to close in (or more accurately, I can now work a little faster during my lunch break by typing out all of the ideas that I have to develop).

Lastly, I must say I couldn’t be happier that the first things out of me that will make it into your hands and hearts in book format will be serving God. What a wonderful blessing to share the one who gave me this gift with others. I miss my fiction work lately, but I know the right time for me to begin to finish and publish those works is coming. All in due season, right?

P.S. Tech Support lost his grandmother last weekend. We will be heading to the funeral this weekend. Please keep him and his family in your prayers, and pray for us for traveling grace as we make the trip. I was blessed to meet his grandmother on a few occasions and she’s even mentioned in my book because of the impact she had on me. She was active in her church and such a sweet spirit. She will be greatly missed. Please treasure your loved ones, especially the elderly ones. The last few years have seen a lot of our elders leave us. Take advantage of the opportunity to sit at their feet and learn. I’m so thankful I had the opportunity to do that with Grandma Perfect.