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Getting Serious About: Harvest Time

I believe the busiest seasons for me are the harvest times of my life. That may sound weird to you, because the harvest time is when you are merely collecting all of the things that have grown out of the seeds you have planted. The reason I say this is my busiest time is because it’s not only a time of gathering, but a time of separating.

There’s a parable in the Bible about the harvest time that describes this. It states that  a farmer sows good seeds for a crop, but his enemy sneaks in and sows some weeds as well. When the servants tell the farmer, he tells them that his enemy did this. When they ask him should they pull up the weeds, he tells them not to, because  they may also pull up the wheat. He tells them to wait until harvest time, then pull up the weeds first and bundle them to be burned. After this, they will harvest the wheat (Matt 13:24-30). This parable is one Jesus tells to give an illustration of the kingdom of God, but it is applicable to our personal harvest seasons.

A lot of work goes into sowing and reaping a crop. There are so many different conditions that determine whether or not a seed that is sown will take root and grow, and even more that determine whether or not it will reach maturity. There is no part of the process that where we aren’t working, yet we can’t determine the ultimate outcome.

If you’re like me, I’m sure there have been things that you have put a lot of thought and work into that didn’t come to fruition. You may have thought that maybe you didn’t prepare enough before you began working earnestly on it; perhaps it was scorched by the heat of criticism too soon in its development; maybe you forgot to pay attention to it while it was growing, or maybe you let negative thoughts choke and kill it. Either way, for some reason, work did not equal a harvest for you. But you start again, and now you have a field white with the harvest. Now the work begins.

God sows seeds in us to accomplish His purposes, but so does the Devil. Often times, in our hearts we have both the things God has placed and the things the Devil has placed growing together, interfering with each other, both struggling to survive. It’s time to get serious about the Harvest, about separating out what needs to be burned and what is a good crop. It’s time to go out and reap the harvest for Christ, not just for ourselves; to accomplish His will, and not our own.

There are many things in my life that are coming to fruition. A season of reaping is upon me. For example, I’m beginning to see this website come together. For a long time, I would reach out to get a logo designed or inquire about self hosting, or check to see if a domain name was registered only to come up empty. I didn’t know what to do to unify all the themes of all the blogs I had written and wanted to write, so of course I couldn’t find the right resources to bring the site to fruition. It wasn’t time for reaping. I would work on books and gather the information I would need to write a proposal or query, but the writing would dry up, or I couldn’t find an editor. It wasn’t time for reaping. But now, I have finally figured out what this site is supposed to be about, and bought a domain name to suit it. I finally have a good concept for a logo. The pieces are falling into place for both the site and the book. Decisions are being made easier and doors are staying open. It is a time to reap some of the hard won crops.

But I have to be serious about separating, whether it be the wheat from the weeds or the wheat from the chaff. Weeds are not only useless, but they are dangerous to crops. It is hard to kill weeds without harming a crop. When harvest time comes, however, we can pull these things out by the root. It is imperative that we get rid of them. These weeds in your harvest can be doubt, discontentment, feelings of inadequacy, fear of failure. Your weeds can be friends and family members, TV shows, financial worries, relationship struggles. I have to be serious about making sure that anything that God didn’t sow doesn’t make it into the store houses.

We also have to separate the wheat from the chaff. The chaff is the dry, scaly protective casings around grain. It is inedible for humans. The chaff is their to protect your crop from scavengers and the elements. This is the secrecy with which I start preparing an idea or the way I shield a project from those who will be looking for deficiencies before it is ready to be evaluated. This can be my inner circle of cheerleaders or my own reticence. While this protective casing is good while growing, it is not part of the harvest. The chaff isn’t for consumption. Once it’s time to evaluate your harvest, you have to get rid of the chaff. This is the hardest part for me, being exposed. But I have to know that I am ready.

It is time to get serious about the harvest. It is time to separate the weeds from the crop. We don’t have the luxury of waiting for some other time. We can’t afford for the weeds to choke out a tender plant growing for God’s glory within us. Even if it isn’t a harvest season in your life, you have to prepare for the harvest. If you are tilling soil for sowing, uproot any weeds already growing in the soil. If you have sown seeds, water them with the word, and make sure no enemy is sowing weeds in with your crop. We need to be serious about the influences in our lives, whether social media, friendships, family members, or our entertainment. Have a viable crop to show for all the work you have put into developing the seed God entrusted you with.

P.S. I’ll be releasing information about my book soon! I am indeed working hard to accomplish bother the beautification of this website and finishing the writing and revisions to the book. Mr. Perfect, aka Tech Support is concerned that doing both may be a bit much, but I want to take advantage of this time where it’s all coming together. I am “push through the pain” like that–at least when it comes to my passions (if only I had a heart for exercise; blah).  So pray for me to have the strength to keep pushing, and the wisdom to know how to prioritize and which project to let get behind if necessary.

What are you doing to get serious about harvest season?



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