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Getting Serious About: Managing Your Time

If you’re a single woman like me, you may experience people disregarding the importance of your time and your ability to decide what you should do with your time. For example, I am volunteered for things all the time. When I have to decline or say I don’t have time to do whatever I’ve been signed up for, I am told things like “it’s not like you have a husband or family; you have plenty of time to [blah blah blah].” When I ask others to help me with whatever project I’ve been saddled with, spouses, children, chores, and jobs are the main reasons they can’t help. Never mind I have chores and a job as well. Anyway.

Whoever you are, your time is probably at a premium. There are so many balls to keep in the air for all of us, as well as time sucking activities we engage in to “unwind.” I find that there isn’t enough time in the day to do it all, and I’m sure you do, too. But one thing I’ve realized in life is that we make time to do those things we REALLY want/have to do, even if it means getting up earlier or staying up later.

Of course, everyone else knows exactly how you can better utilize your time. It’s like finances; everyone knows just where you can cut something out to better use your resources. If you just forgo eating out of going to the movies, you can find the money to pay your bills, etc. But when it comes down to it, they aren’t going to have to live your life and make those sacrifices to see those results. This is why you need to know what’s important to you and figure out what you can cut out to better utilize your time.

I was having a conversation with a friend yesterday about Christianity and scripture. She was talking about how people have different interpretations of the same passage of scripture and use different passages to argue for opposing points. She said she reads both passages and prays for the best. I shared with her my methodology for studying scriptures: read the scripture in context to figure out what it is actually addressing, cross reference for consistency, read it in different translations, go to the Hebrew/Greek Lexicon and/or concordance to see the meaning of the original words, etc. She said this takes a lot of time…more than the average person would ever do. I said “with my soul in the balance, I take only God’s word for it. Some things are worth the effort. I’m not picking lotto numbers.” This conversation bothered me. It made me wonder what people are doing that’s so important that they don’t have time to get God’s commands right.

I won’t tell you to skip your daily exercise or quit your job to free up more time. I won’t tell you to skip vegging out in front of the TV or going on vacations to free up more time. But it is past time to get serious about how we spend our time. We need to make sure we are doing what’s important with our time. Time is our most precious commodity. We don’t know when we’ll be out of it, so we have to spend it wisely.

What I can tell you is that time spent with God, trying to get your life right, is never wasted. If time were money, you would see a double return on your investment of spending time with God. Spending time in prayer, meditating on scripture, and worshipping God gives you the skillset to tackle every other thing you have to do. It makes you less anxious and agitated. It only makes things better.

There are always a few things that I want to do that I never seem to get around to doing. One of them is taking a bath. I find I never have time to just sit in the tub reading a book and listening to music. But I yearn for it. Yesterday, after finishing a little Power Fusion (which I also never have time for, by the way), I sat down to watch “Say Yes to the Dress.” Then I thought to myself, no; I’m not going to watch this. I don’t need to watch a bunch of women trying on dresses right now. It’s not adding anything to my life but a sense of discontentment that I’m not picking out a wedding dress. Why don’t I use this two hour block of time where nothing is on TV and I have nothing to do to take that bath I’ve been wanting to make time for? So I did.

How can you get serious about your time? Here are a few simple things to implement:

  • Put the most important things on the schedule first. Time with God is a must. Going to work is a must. Assembling with other believers is a must. Taking care of your body with food, sleep, and exercise is a must. Etc.
  • Ask yourself what an activity is adding to your life. Is it bringing you closer to your goals? Is it bringing you in closer relationship with God? Is it preserving your sanity? Or is it just a waste of time?
  • Evaluate how you have spent your time at regular intervals to spot inefficiencies. Perhaps each week or each month, you can look back and see if you spent enough time on the important things and where you can stand to cut some time wasting activities.
  • Prepare things ahead of time to use your time more effectively. Learn the route to take to a destination so you don’t waste time getting lost. Make sure you have tickets so you don’t waste time going back for them. Put your keys in a consistent place so you don’t waste time looking for them.
  • Allow yourself to freely enjoy some moments without rushing to the next. When I call my mom, aunt or best friend, I know to take a seat and get comfortable. Most times, we don’t talk about anything much, but I need that time to connect with them. Maybe for you it’s a favorite show or meeting a friend for lunch. Whatever it is that you don’t have to do but you want to do because it enriches you, make a little time for it. Not everything we do has to be calibrated for efficiency.

How are you getting serious about your time?



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