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Of Birthdays & Blessings

Today is my birthday. I’m one of those people who makes a big deal out of birthdays, who counts down to their birthday and tries to plan things to do on said birthday. I love to celebrate other people’s birthdays as well. I just have a heart for celebration, and I don’t think I ever celebrate myself on any other day like I do my birthday.

My birthday is a time of introspection for me, a time when I evaluate my life and decide on what I want to accomplish going forward. It’s a time when I see what has gone pear shaped or crooked and try to develop a plan for fixing it. This, of course, can make my impending birthday a pensive, disillusioning, and vaguely frustrating time as well as a celebratory one.

I see no reason to separate the two. This is the balance of my life, after all. This is my new year, when within the span of twenty four hours I will eat too much and wake up determined never to eat that again; when I will throw all cares to the wind, then wake to carefully gather them up again and try and put a careful plan for life together. I like that dichotomy; it speaks to me.

This year leading up to my birthday has been a bit rough. I had the car accident in January a little over a week into the new year. That whole decision 2012 didn’t turn out as definitively as I planned. I realized I wouldn’t have the extra money I thought paying off my car would get me. I couldn’t get off this schedule at work, and I stalled a little bit on the book. I can say that 2013 wasn’t shaping up to be a good year.

But I made a promise to myself to commit to doing some things differently. I am not sharing what the first thing was, but let’s just say it is a spiritual thing that requires a physical effort. I signed up for a 5K and started doing couch to 5K. I have started back up on the book. I got a new (to me) car. I bought this domain. In spite of the earlier setbacks of the year, I’m moving forward.

The things that I considered setbacks in January, I am already beginning to see their utility and God’s wisdom in His timing and what He has allowed to happen. After my accident, I got to see such an outpouring of love from both my natural and church family. Mr. Perfect (the boyfriend) has been such a support to me during this time; I have truly seen things I asked God to show me about him in the past several weeks. Even though I couldn’t walk out with the car I initially wanted a last weekend, I was able to look around and find the perfect vehichle at an even better rate (an interest rate of almost half the other one) that I was able to drive off with on Friday, just in time for my birthday. God knows what He is doing.

What I usually like to do on my birthday is to make my goals going forward. I use the time before my birthday to evaluate where I am and where I want to be, then move forward with seriously pursuing goals after my birthday. The goals that I have for this year are simple:

  • keep doing that spiritual thing I’ve committed to doing.
  • buy web-hosting and set up my completely bought and paid for website.
  • finish, query, and publish my first book.
  • continue to improve my credit. Pay everything on time and start a savings.
  • become more serious about my faith. I want to have a more regular prayer and Bible study life.
  • take better care of the things God has already blessed me with–health, job, car, my body, my hair.
  • Run a 5K. I want to run the entire time.
  • Convert people to Christ.
  • Encourage my brothers and sisters in Christ.
  • Cherish and talk to my family members more. If the past few years of sickness in the family has taught me, time with them is precious.
  • Develop a regular posting schedule.
  • Trademark and copyright what I need to.
  • Learn patience. There are some things I am having to wait for, but I haven’t always been waiting with grace.
  • Recognize answers to prayers, even when they aren’t 50 ft. neon sign type of answers.
  • Become a wife. As a member of the church, I am a bride of Christ. I having been using this time to develop the attributes of a wife to Him. I’ve been planning the wedding but not the ultimate marriage to Him. (A post to come on this soon). I heard someone say recently that the Bible says when a man finds a wife, not a woman, as in she already has the attributes of a wife. It was one of those moments when you hear something you’ve heard forever, yet it strikes you as if you are hearing it with full comprehension for the first time. I would like to develop into a wife and be found. This one is a two-fold goal.
  • Lose some weight. I’m not putting a number out there.
  • Buy a scale. 🙁
  • Add more recipes to my repetoire.
  • Grow.

Do you make a big deal out of your birthday? How do you view your birthday? What are your goals for this year of your life?

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