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A Season of Sickness

For a few years now, my family has been in a cycle of sickness and death. I’m not talking about sickness like how I got bronchitis every year when I lived in Michigan and Indiana; I’m talking about failing kidneys at 28, cancer, unnamed blood disease, and brain aneurysm sickness. It’s been hard to deal with, especially as I’m watching all of this from afar, kept up to date with news reports from my mom (mother’s side of the family, obviously) and my aunt Pink Susie (dad’s side of the family). I wrote a post recently about praying that God’s Will is done in all things, even when we want a specific result. My example is Jesus’ prayer in the garden of Gethsemane; He told God what He wanted, but submitted to God’s will. What a beautiful picture of a submitted life–and what a hard thing to live up to when it’s your family members who are so desperately ill.

When I was growing up, there wasn’t a lot of death in the family. I can remember people dying sporadically, but not like this, with at least one a year since 2009. Another major difference is who is dying. I’m not saying that anyone’s life is more or less important to me, but the people that are getting really ill and/or dying are those family members that I am truly close with, those that have impacted my life in ways I am still discovering. The hardest part about this season is that it just doesn’t make sense to me. Some are relatively healthy and have died out of the blue while others have entered the hospital for sickness and spiraled down rapidly. All of this makes me take life, and especially my health, more seriously.

I, like most people, have been saying that I am going to lose weight and eat healthier for a while. I’ve started and stopped so many different exercise routines and eliminated so many empty calories and let them creep back in that I feel a bit like the proverbial yo-yo. I find it hard to stick with most routines long enough to see results, and I get frustrated if I do stick to a routine and don’t see results. But what I’m coming to realize is that health is so much more important than the number on the scale. I don’t want just quantity of life, but quality of life. I want to be here and be able to live while I’m here. I need to stick with it even if the scale doesn’t change if I’m getting more fit and improving my health.

It’s truly amazing how God works. Even in the midst of all of this sickness, there have been opportunities given to me to get serious about my health. The company I work for (which is an awesome company that shall not be named) brought in a nutritionist to talk to us about making healthy eating choices. I won a one on one session with her where she measured my body fat, weighed me and took my measurements before allowing me to ask specific questions and to advise me on my goals. My company also has a team running a 5k in April and I signed up to run (so that I could have jeans days the rest of the month and help the American heart association at the same time). Having a deadline keeps me accountable to do my scheduled Couch to 5K workouts. It’s not lost on me that God is providing me with opportunities to get serious about my health in the midst of so many family members having health struggles, many of which are not elderly and therefore expected to have health problems.

If getting serious about your health and doing what I like to call “temple maintenance” is important to you, be encouraged. I’ve witnessed for myself God’s ability to heal from sickness. I’ve seen people who were morbidly obese and out of shape or diabetic and on medication have success when they really committed to getting healthy. The Bible says our body is a temple of the Lord; we should all aspire to keep that temple in the best condition possible for Him as well as for ourselves. Getting serious about my weight used to be about trying to get back to where I was before or look a certain way to be attractive; now it’s about being here tomorrow and having a better quality life. I pray that you all will evaluate how you are treated this precious body you were given and take your health and wellness seriously now, before something happens.

Are you trying to get serious about your health? What is motivating you to do so? Do you have any motivational scriptures or quotes that have been helping you? 

Off to go running (Ugh! I mean, yay! 🙂 ),


2 thoughts on “A Season of Sickness

  1. This post hits very close for me. I’ve had the same thoughts as I lost several close love ones, including my mother withing a 2-3 year span. So what motivates me to work on my health is those around me. I want to stay around and watch them grow and live and also be there for them when they need me. Great post! BTW thanks for the follow too!

    1. I’m sorry to hear about your recent losses. It’s always hard to lose loved ones, especially to ill health. At least there are still people you love and want to see grow. Stay encouraged on your journey. Thanks for your comment.

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