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The Revolution Has Not Been Televised…

But it has been posted to Twitter! If you don’t follow me on twitter (and why don’t you?), you may not be aware that I have finally bought a domain and have a functioning twitter for my new site! At this point, it is “just a blog” on wordpress, and not moved to a self-hosted platform, but the domain name is mine and the wheels are in motion for buying hosting and getting it all set up. My new website is Long term readers will remember my post, The Season for Getting Serious. I realized that this was what all of my writing and blog posts have been about: getting serious about my life, and encouraging others to get serious about their lives. It’s about learning and living, not always living and learning. It’s about preparation meeting opportunity and execution. It’s about taking things seriously before life (and doctors and age, etc) force that seriousness upon you.

The website has a twitter (@seasonserious), and I’m working on developing a facebook fan page. There are going to be big moves mad in the immediate future; you should get in on this on the ground level. Show the blog and the twitter some love.

What major accomplishments have you accomplished so far in 2013? What have you put in place to continue your accomplishments?

3 thoughts on “The Revolution Has Not Been Televised…

  1. Great blog! I’m sure you’ve heard Gil Scott Heron’s song…so good. I liked the title of your post! I also want to be more serious about living my life and helping others get serious about theirs. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Thanks! Love your site as well. Wish I had that sort of resource as a new grad.

    2. You’re welcome! Thanks for the comment…and I LOVE Gil Scott Heron. Thanks for stopping by.

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