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Making it Monday

It’s Monday again. This is a short week for me, not because I’m off today, but because I’m off Friday. I am off the belief that every week has its Monday, whether we are off or not. If I were off today, tomorrow would be Monday. If I were off Thursday, Friday would be my second Monday of the week. Monday will not go unexperienced in all of its “let’s start from the top” glory.

In an only tangentially related non-sequitur*, I hate the phrase “fake it ’till you make it.” Admittedly, I have used the phrase, but it’s a silly way of saying that you’ll do something you don’t want to do until you want to do it, or that you should pretend to be a certain way/ have certain things until you are/have them. It’s one thing to get out of bed to exercise when you don’t feel like it & another to end up in debt attempting to keep up with the Joneses. Besides, I like being authentic.

I’m not really one of those people who writes the Facebook status about how I’m going to make this Monday great as if I have Monday at gunpoint and can guarantee it’s going to do what I say. I am not saying every Happy Monday message is a fraud. I have written a happy Monday message in my day. I wasn’t faking it, nor was I making it; it just was a happy day.

What characterizes a happy Monday with No faking or making required?

1. The obligatory I’m still alive praise. It may seem like a given, but even at almost 28 (0_o), it’s not guaranteed that I will see what has to be the least anticipated day of any week. It’s a praiseworthy thing to wake up healthy and same when so many do not. This particular Monday morning, I woke up to news of Mindy McCready’s passing. Death is all around. I’m grateful for another chance to get it right.

2. The obligatory “I have a job” praise. I have a job that I don’t dread going to each day, no matter how I feel leaving. I love my boss and what I do. I know people who aren’t happy when they go to work, who hate their jobs. I’m thankful I like my job.

3. Bills are able to be paid, and my needs are met.

4. Even though I’m wasn’t excited to run and had to twitter accountability guilt myself into it, I could get up and run. I even felt better afterwards. I Hirt in the right places. It felt good to move.

5. (For the founders :D) It’s coming together. And by “it,” I mean the website, this blog, the book, the car plans, & my best life. What more can a girl ask for?

What makes your Monday happy/better/survivable?

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