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Hold Up, Wait; New Position

I got a new position at my job!! I can’t call it a promotion because I’m in a different department altogether, but it’s certainly more responsibility.

As you know, I work in insurance (or maybe you didn’t; now you do). I worked in the Underwriting and accounting departments basically overseeing the transition to a paperless system (or backscanning, if you prefer). Now I work with the legal department. *queue Tupac’s “I Get Around”*

In my new position, things have changed. The best changes: I am salary, so no more time clock. My department gets all the good food. No more paper dust everywhere. The air conditioning isn’t set to arctic down here. I have a lot of different things to do. The most important best change is I will have a career path/plan and goals (hopefully).

There are also things I have to get used to: talking on the phone; not being able to answer certain questions; folding letters and addressing envelopes legibly; working with others; learn the department jargon and shorthand; having to coordinate days off with other people.

I have a renewed zest for working again. October was good to me over all. I’ll recap the month soon, including how money went, my vacation, entertaining friends, and writing my book. 

Hi Ho, Hi Ho,