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Abs Like a Lady

Today, my gym is offering a new workout class called CXWorx, which is supposed to focus on you abs and the “sling muscles” (their words) that connect top and bottom. It helps tighten your abs and butt while building overall strength and helping w/ injury prevention. It’s only a half an hour, so I’m hoping to get a spin pass afterwards. I’ll have a review up on it sometime tonight or tomorrow.

My co-worker & I are having a fitness debate. We have went to a few classes together & come away liking different instructors. I don’t like instructors who call you out individually– whether because you took a break or can’t keep up. I find that to be embarrassing as someone who isn’t as fit and may need to stop or use modifications sometimes. My co-worker really responds to that style, though. I prefer teachers with more of a motivational style– positive reinforcement, telling us as a class to keep pushing, acknowledging how hard it is but telling us we are stronger than we think we are and we CAN keep going. I hate being threatened with more reps if we don’t do something fast enough and etc. I’m a competitive person & I always give 100% in a group class, so I baik at people belittling my best for that class.

Where do you all come down on this subject? What teaching style do you prefer? What awesome new workouts are you trying/have you tried this week?