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The Big Brush Off

The Little Whirlwind
Will I catch the whirlwind this time? Image via Wikipedia

I know, I’m supposed to be telling you how to slow down…I’ll do that after work. But this has been pressing on my mind lately, and it’s what I have the time to write, so…enjoy.

I feel as if I’ve just been dumped at the height of a whirlwind romance. Have you ever seen that show Left at the Altar? There’s almost always a whirlwind courtship that ends in someone having to face family and friends, decked out in their wedding attire,ย with the news there isn’t going to be a wedding after all.

When I woke up and posted “The Season for Getting Serious” it was just another day. I was sitting here, much as I am now, writing a post when I should be getting ready for work. I finished it, got dressed and got to work right on time. I was used to the monotonous routine my mornings. As Lelena Hucksley once famously proclaimed, “What I wouldn’t give for some action.”

Then it happened. I a comment awaiting moderation. I clicked over, and there was RuntobeFit, the person I associate with Freshly Pressed (seems to always be the first to comment). My palms started to sweat. Could this be? I click over to the front page and O M G! It is! It really is! So began the whirlwind.

I was expecting that maybe a handful of those people would stick around. Maybe they would click on other things and find that they liked other stuff I wrote about. Maybe one or two would subscribe to the blog and be regular commentors. But it’s like another former freshly pressed person said–it’s a couple day spike then back to normal again. This must be how a child star feels–they keep acting, keep churning out what they think are wonderful performances, but no one cares because they aren’t cute anymore, or there’s a hot new kid.

Maybe the new is wearing off for you too and you’re realizing not much has changed. Maybe you moved on to another job, another relationship, another city with high hopes that this was going to be different. At first, it was. It was new and exciting. You felt a thrill everytime you thought about it. You couldn’t keep up with all the glowing compliments about your work or how your new beau/belle loved this or that feature of yours. Now, it’s not so different. It’s the same problems. The co-workers don’t seem to like you; he’s stopped paying attention toย  you; someone robs the place down the street with a sledgehammer (true story; so frightening/crazy/funny). What’s the issue. Maybe it’s you.

I’m still the same blogger that I was before–smart, engaging, always looking for something to write about and discuss. I was content before with my few loyal readers. Now having a taste of the whirlwind, I’ve felt differently. Maybe that’s our problem, the change in our perception and expectations. We’ve told ourselves this will be better, and so we’ve raised our expectations accordingly, only to be disappointed. Perhaps it’s time to move on, or perhaps it’s time for a change in perspective. Yes, it’s time to slow down, seek out the blessings, and make a plan for going forward.

See I told you this would all tie in; oh, I didn’t? Well, you should have known it would–that’s what makes me…ME! ๐Ÿ˜€

2 thoughts on “The Big Brush Off

  1. I’m sorry the Freshly Pressed didn’t give you the results you expected. I’ve gotten discouraged at times when I happen to to notice someone’s ‘hit counter’ on their blog and then, out of curiousity, I check mine-only to find that I’m thousands behind (even though our blogs started in 2010). It makes me feel like I’m back in school and I’m not in the popular crowd.

    So, now I do my best to not even look at numbers (mine or others) because I do have a few regular visitors that make it fun.

    You’re on the right track – it all has to do with expectations and perspective. You’ll get it back ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Actually, I was expecting the results…I was hoping I was wrong, LOL…but celebrity is so fleeting you know ๐Ÿ˜€ There are people who started blogging this year who have thousands upon thousands more hits than I do (This blog started in Aug. of 2009), I try to forget the numbers and keep the quality of my content up, but I must confess I LOVE COMMENTS…and people have to read to comment.

      My expectations did rise a lot with being Freshly Pressed, but then it caused me to wonder, why were my expectations so low before this? My blog was good before this, and it will be good after. I think I need to raise my expectations, but keep it in perspective. Thanks for the encouragement!

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