A Man is Finally Giving Me What I Need…

“]Cover of "The Cable Guy [Region 2]"
This is the Sexiest Man Alive Right Now! Cover of The Cable Guy [Region 2
 And that man is the Cable Guy! (What? What did you think I was referring to?)

I’ve been miserably without digital cable and internet since mid-November, but I survived on the basic cable included in my rent. Since I moved, however, I’ve had nothing for a whole week. While it’s been fun getting reacquainted with my DVD collection (which spawned the previous post), I’m ready to get back to my amateur reviewer/bloggy self.

It’s nearly impossible to write a well thought out post from my Rogue, so I’ve had to grab internet where I can to post, and TV where I can. It’s not been pretty.

But all that changes today sometime between the hours of five and seven P.M. The cable guy is coming to my home bearing gifts. These holiday gifts include: HD DVRs (2–1 for each TV!), phone service, the highest speed of internet available, and a home wireless network (whatever that means and however you hook that up). I’m going to be wired for sound tonight! 😀

I saw For Colored Girls at the movies yesterday, which is worthy of its own review. I’ll write that review and post with my new internet connection tonight. I will give you the extend title: Why You Should Not Take A Black Man (or let a Black Man Take You) to See For Colored Girls on Your Anniversary. The Short title is For Colored Girls Who Want Closure (Note: These two titles are completely un-related, so it does no good to try and reconcile the two. You’ll see what I mean in my review.

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