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Last night, one of my favorite movies came on TV: Kiss the Girls. Based on one of James Patterson‘s popular Alex Cross books, the movie stars Morgan Freeman and Ashley Judd. I was so excited to see it on TV, especially since my DVD is at my mother’s house in Michigan.

Remember when Ashley Judd was everywhere? What happened to her? I miss the plucky characters she used to play– strong, flawed women. Don’t even get me started on Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood!

But this post is about my hero, Alex Cross. He had the exact job that I wanted as a little girl. He was a forensic psychologist who wrote books. He was able to get inside the mind of a serial killer or rapist and come out alive. I don’t know how he never seems to see the killer coming in the movies, though. I haven’t read any of the books, although I do have Mary Mary in my possession now, but I wonder if that’s a recurring theme in the books. He didn’t know in Along Came a Spider, either…also one of my favorite movies.

I have a long list of books and movies I want to read/see once I am all moved in. One of those combos is Eat Pray Love. I may add some Alex Cross books as well, even though I’ve seen the two movies. Judging from past book/movie combos (The Devil Wears Prada, Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, A Time to Kill…), I will probably like the books better, but movies have a special magic all their own. But this is for another post…

What Morgan Freeman brings to Alex Cross is a pervasive wisdom, a world weary knowledge. He doesn’t relish being right. In fact, he seems like he’s more disappointed that he always is. Morgan Freeman excels at this sort of character. He played the same type of man in Seven, opposite Brad Pitt. What makes Alex Cross different is that he has no intention of stopping. He loves what he does; he knows the difference he’s making. He’s not jaded; he gets disappointed, but he hasn’t been broken.

What I love about Dr. Cross is that he still manages to be “human” (caring, compassionate, and gentle) even after seeing the worst of humanity in all of its depravity.

If you don’t know Alex like I do, rent Kiss the Girls or Along Came a Spider, or read one of the books by James Patterson (all of the books have a part of a nursery rhyme in the title, if I’m not mistaken); he’s a great character to have in your corner, in either media form.

P.S. They are replacing Morgan Freeman with Idris Elba as Alex Cross in future movies? What the what?!

***Correction: They replaced Morgan Freeman with Tyler Perry and I almost swallowed my life. Why?!?!

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