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Raise Your Hand If…

This is a fun post that I came up with during the time Mr. Perfect was on vacation. Feel free to add to my list as you see fit in the comments section. I hope you get a little chuckle out of this…

Raise Your Hand if…

  • You’ve used more Queen Helene Cocoa Butter than you care to admit to.
  • Vaseline was your best friend.
  • Royal Crown, Dax, or Blue Magic highly figured in your haircare regimen.
  • You have more uses for castor oil, cotton balls, Witch Hazel, and/or Epsom salt than you have fingers.
  • You use vinegar for non-cooking related purposes.
  • You have any of the following in your medicine cabinet/bathroom: Castor oil, epsom salt, calamine lotion, baby lotion (and you have no baby), vinegar, cocoa butter, vaseline, pink razors.
  • You’ve worn more than two scrunchies on your ponytail at one time–and they were color coordinated to your outfit.
  • You own a belt of any color other than brown & black.
  • You have air force ones to match every outfit in your closet
  • You owned a Triple Fat Goose Coat & thought you were somebody.
  • You had chores to do when you came home from school–and didn’t get paid to do them.
  • You had to be home by the time the street lights came on.
  • You intentionally dressed like a friend or family member, down to the matching barrettes for your hair.
  • You had a barrette/scrunchie/headband bucket.
  • You sat between your mother’s legs on a pillow while she did your hair.
  • You knew when to hold your ear without being asked.
  • You ever asked your mom to blow on the straightening comb some more before she ran it through your hair.
  • You and your friends rode bikes in a pack.
  • You had the best sleep after a good whoopin’.
  • You couldn’t speak when adults were talking.

I could go  on, but I thought I’d leave some for you all to add on to this list. I loved my childhood and the many things and people that populate it. So many people can’t find anything happy or funny about the way they grew up. I had a great family life filled with great people and great traditions I plan to pass on to the next generation (should I have any progeny). I had the best heart to heart conversations while sitting in the kitchen on a couch cushion holding one ear while my mom straightened my hair.  Share your memories, etc. in the comments section, on twitter @2blu2btru, or email me at

3 thoughts on “Raise Your Hand If…

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  2. lol I love this post! I had my hand up for more than half this list. Vaseline was never my friend though – I was not a fan of looking extra shiny although my mom didn’t think so. Scrunchies – every color! Pounds of barrettes in an old gallon of ice cream bucket!

    Only speak when spoken to and never when adults are talking….doing chores after school was never an option or reason for an allowance – the good ole days 🙂

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