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Toto, We’re Not in LA anymore: The Millionaire Matchmaker In New York

Oh, Patti! You should have chosen Florida. If only you would have come here. Florida would have done you proud with beautiful people. I don’t know if many of our young jet setters, with their beach homes and club promotion businesses are ready to settle down. but I would have loved to see you try. Ah well, on to the review…

Matchmaking is a centuries old art, embraced by many cultures. It has been popularized among Americans, especially those with a ton of money and little time (although they have time to be on TV) through shows like the Millionaire Matchmaker. I’m on the fence about the whole premise of the show. To many of the millionaires, this is another item on the to do list you pay someone else to do: Hey, Patti, can you get me a Venti Mocha and find me a wife ASAPm Thanks, you’re a doll. Many of the perspectives in the stable…er, database…are hard to figure out. Are you here simply because you’ll meet only rich possible mates? Is it practical and pragmatic or goldigging? What’s your motivation?

New York, according to Patti, doesn’t have the beautiful people of LA and there are mostly millionairesses (notoriously hard to please, hard looking women), which is a new challenge. But the women of New York have been begging for years, and culture snobs and career girls need love too. So Patti throws on her cape…and promptly gets it stuck in an airplane propeller with her first millionairess.

Bryce is…snobby. Elitist. An heiress with no sense of humor . Boring. The worst thing she is, in my opinion, is dismissive and delusional. She wields celibacy and snobbery like a double edged sword. She made faces that would wither a rose in full bloom on the vine at every attempt at humor and dismissed every guy at the mixer as subpar. She refused to choose two for mini dates.

The other millionaire had the same problem nearly all the men have–they want a hot young girl and donht comprehend hot young girls usually aren’t looking to be married any time soon. The pass over nice looking, intelligent WOMEN…

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