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Let it Flow: Body Flow Class at the Gym

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Just to show you I intend to review more than just movies, I figured I’d change it up & review a class I took at the gym last week: Body Flow.

As excited as I was to be in the gym again taking classes, I was also nervous. I haven’t been in a class since 2007’s yoga class in the co-rec. I didn’t want to embarrass myself with how badly I looked in the millions of mirrors that each class would probably have, nor did I want to fall down or have to stop. It was very important to me, then  that I chose something I was good at as my first class.

I’ve done different yoga workouts for over three years now. I am very well acquainted with sun salutations, mountain poses, triangle poses, warrior one &  two poses, upward dog and downward facing dog. Yoga calms & relaxes me, gives me a good stretch, and increases my balance and flexibility. I thought that since I liked yoga, I would try Body Flow, a mixture of yoga, pilates, and tai chi.

The class was broken up in to several sequences. There was a sequence of yoga poses, leg work, flexibility, balance work, pilates, and relaxation. The class isn’t a sweat fest like many of the other classes offered, but rather a smooth sequence that stretches and relaxes. The class included fairly standard traditional yoga poses, ab engaging core pilates work, and a standard relaxation pose. There wasn’t much in the way of tai chi, but having taken tai chi, I did recognize a few elements of it sprinkled here and there.

The music that the instructor chose for our session was great. It featured everything from a very zen piece predominated by cymbals and bells to Joss Stone crooning “What are we gonna do now?”

One move flowed from another efortlessly. The class followed logical patterns of muscle movement that were complementary and built on one another for a full body workout. Although it wasn’t a sweat fest, I did break a little sweat on my forehead attempting to do the bird pose. There were several modifications given for all fitness levels.

A word on the atmosphere. The room was kept dim, so even though there were plenty of the dreaded mirrors, there wasn’t much to see in them. Everyone was so intent on getting the most from their own workout that no one was paying much attention to anyone else. The music kept my energy up and helped me focus when we held poses for longer periods of time. It was otherwise quiet, save the instructor’s voice and the soft rush of people as some left while we went through the relaxation phase.

I loved the class. It had everything I needed in a midweek class–it cleared my mind, stretched my body, provided relaxation, and provided a little ab work that goes a long way. My only detractions are that I wish there were more tai chi elements and that extremely well built, extremely flexible teeny boppers had a separate class so I didn’t feel so bad about not being able to get my short fat legs up that high (not sure the gym could do anything about that last one).

Next up will be a book review in a brand new section of the blog to be entitled Oldies but Goodies. I will be reviewing a favorite book of mine, so be sure to check back soon and read a more intellectual review. 😀