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3D Bandwagon Jumpers: Inflating Ticket Prices & Returns

In the past year or so, it seems that every movie wants to be released in 3D. Once movie makers saw the colossal success of James Cameron’s Juggernaut, Avatar, they wanted a piece of the 3D pie. Studios began adding 3D effects post production in order to profit off of the technology.

The technology of today is more than the cartoonish jump out of the screen effects that were the standard when my stepfather went to see Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare. It’s not only about what comes out of the screen, but being able to see further into the scene. It’s about seeing textures, making the most of crisp, digital images and special effects advancements. At least these are the reasons they gave for why my bpyfriend paid $35 for our tickets to see Toy Story 3 in Imax 3D. I tend to disagree.

I am a proponent of any technology that aids in the transition of the story & director’s vision onto the screen, especially if both story & vision are good. But many of these movies are not shot in 3D; it is added in post-production. What I infer from this is that the important vision has become visions of dollar signs.

Alice in Wonderland was a beautiful movie without 3D; Tim Burton specializes in finding beauty in stark, spare landcapes. The actor’s would have been just as decadent & pleasantly theatrical. Toy Story would have made me laugh and moved me to teary eyed suspense in 2D, without the headache. A good movie shot for 2D is good in 2D and 3D; 3D just costs you more for the privilege.

Then there are those movies which don’t make the most of the 3D they charge for. It almost seems like they are afraid to use the old tricks, even when appropriate. For example, in The Final Destination, it would have been great for a tire to fly out at me, for flames to blow out of the screen. It’s a scary movie; scare me. Why didn’t the Kraken’s tentacles threaten to crush me. or Medusa’s severed head fall in my lap? Yet a butterfly flew right towards me in Alice in Wonderland? Come on!

When a movie deserves the 3D, I won’t complain about it. I’m ready to see the first crop of 3D movies shot in 3D. I am giving you the chance to wow me before I turn in my 3D shades for good.

One thought on “3D Bandwagon Jumpers: Inflating Ticket Prices & Returns

  1. I think Avatar was great in 3D. I loved that movie. But the rest are just ridiculous. They’re only hoping to get money by adding the 3D to ’em. Which is sad.

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