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Toy Story 3D

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In Toy Story 3, Andy is all grown up and about to leave for college. He has, of course, stopped playing with Woody, Buzz, & all the other toys, leaving them to come up with ways to get his attention & try to entice him to play with them.

Before college, Mom forces Andy to decide what’s going to college with him, what’s going in the attic & what’s going in the trash. Andy only decided to take one toy with him, and places the rest in a bag to be put in the attic.

The toys, through a series of mishaps & hurt feelings-fueled defiance, end up at Sunnyside Daycare, where they meet Ken, the dreamhouse dwelling clothes horse, a big baby doll named Big Baby, & Lotso Huggin’ Bear, the apparent leader of the daycare toys. All of the toys, save one, think the daycare is a dream come true; they will finally get to be played with again–until they end up in the playroom with the smallest, most aggressive children. Suddenly the attic doesn’t seem so bad; yest they wanted to be played with, but not this way. Besides, they already have a kid who, although he’s all grown up, misses them, a kid they should be there for.

Pixar does a what they are good at here; they imbue a children’s movie with morality, philosophical questions, and real life applications. What happens when we grow up, grow apart from people? When do we move on? How do you move on? Do you choose to leave before you’re left, only to find you were still wanted?

Pixar also did a wonderful job of overlaying the Orwellian classic Animal Farm over the story of children’s toys.

The fact is, we sometimes treat people as toys– we can begin to think that when we aren’t engaging with them, they are inanimate,  that they will always be exactly where we left them; however, we all come to learn this isn’t the case at all. People won’t always be the way we remember them; we either embrace the changes, or we move on.

I loved this movie. The richness of the story and the characters helps this movie transcend being just a kid’s movie. The 3D, which they added on post production because it’s popular now, is completely unnecessary; the movie is great without it. Save that extra money for a bucket of popcorn and a drink. This is a good old fashioned movie that needs no digitally enhanced bells & whistles to hold your attention. I highly recommend this one 😀

***/**** stars A

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