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Enjoy the Show!

It took me a long time to pick a header for this blog, event though I knew what I wanted. I wanted to put something in the header that portrayed movies, entertainment, all those artsy things I intend to review here. I tried movie reels, popcorn, this jazz singer, but nothing would crop right, and even when it did, it didn’t give me the right feeling. It didn’t speak to me at all.

Then I thought, why not use a still from one of my favorite movies, something that is iconic to me and screams this is why I want to write reviews in the first place? As soon as my eyes lighted on Big Fish underneath my TV, I knew I was on to something. It’s one of the most visually stunning movies I’ve ever seen (even in a world gone crazy over Avatar.) Once I typed in Big Fish, I knew what I was looking for.

The first time Ed Bloom sees Sandra at the circus and everything stops–the popcorn suspended in midair, the objects being thrown, the animals, the children. You would think it would be corny, but it not only works, it’s beautiful and we feel that instant connection. We see that connection between Ed and Sandra as an old couple in a bathtub. That thread of love and interconnectedness, that bond that not even their own son understands, is one of the greatest things about this movie. All of that is in addition to the fact the shot itself is arresting.

I love movies. I watch the romantic comedies, the action movies, the horror movies, the animated movies, the foreign films, the summer blockbuster, the suspense, the remake. I will watch them all, and have an opinion about it all.

I love music, too. R&B, Country, Pop, Jazz, Soft Rock, Adult Contemporary–I have some of everything but grunge/heavy metal and all its amalgamations on my iPod. I have old soul music & new hip hop. I know what I like, and genre restrictions don’t phase me. I love when a recording artist not only can sing live, but can really put on a show.

I don’t have enough time to explain to you how much I love books. Ever since I was first read a bedtime story, I’ve loved books and wanted to be a writer. I’m still working on being a writer, but that has never stopped me from critiquing another writer’s work (I did that “professionally–i.e., I wrote a lot of papers to earn my English literature degree; I also read a lot of crappy literature, along with some great literature, that I enriched with trashy chick lit and Harlequin romance novels :D). If I were qualified to talk about anything, to review anything, it would be books.

Who doesn’t like to watch the boob tube? I have an unnatural affection for my TV; in fact, I just got another one, so I can have one in the bedroom AND the living room ( I missed that so much!).  I usually end up watching TV on DVD these days, as I rarely catch things when they come on, and I’d rather be able to gorge on a whole season at once anyway. It is a crime I can’t afford DVR (but I’m working on it!)

So, that’s what you can expect here, reviews of movies, television, music, & books. I have another blog about relationships–romantic, friendships, familial, relationship with self, & with God–should you be interested. I’m not an expert or qualified to do anything but give my opinion; and we all know what opinions are like!

Enough with the credits; I’m ready to post a review!