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Make it Like Poetry: Alabama

I wrote this for a guy I was “talking to” in high school. I wrote about him here. He was what some people might have called a douchebag. I feel like my former schoolmate Suai…except I didn’t almost write him a love [poem]. Hmph! I take it back and I’m giving it to you lovelies instead. <3 Hope you enjoy it.




Sticky, sweet,


Nothing but trees, bugs,

And my heart,

Bifocal lenses locked on your

Loose-limbed gait, wrapped

Around your face like your smile

Shining on me, ninety degrees in



Slow drawls, time crawls

Only my mind racing

Chasing after the honey

In your voice, oozing down the

Telephone line,

Coating my earlobes.


No Georgia peaches, blood-sucking leeches,

Just the nectar I suck from your eyes

Through the last straw of distance

Like a water

Dousing the inferno caused by

The lack of your laugh, like

Chimes tinkling in one of the too sparse


Caressing the dirt roads in


*I just love how all of these poems so far have been so very different. I’m posting this as a bonus…the usual poetry will be posted tomorrow sometime.

2 thoughts on “Make it Like Poetry: Alabama

  1. I LOVE the imagery, the rhyme…I can hear this poem in my head like a spoken word piece! You’re really good at this aren’t you? #jealous LOL


    1. Aww, thanks! Too bad he wasn’t worth the words…but you can’t get rid of a good poem right? LOL…it’s my life’s dreams to do THIS…and fiction…and nonfiction…and any writing, really…professionally. My time is coming!

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