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Event Planning on the Fly

Mr. Pefect and I were invited by a friend to her birthday dinner at a popular (read: busy and crowded) restaurant on International Drive. She texted me a week in advance that the dinner would be at nine p.m. It was a little late for me, but I said that I would go and help her celebrate her birthday. This was also my opportunity to meet her fiancée and see what he was all about. Mr. Perfect & I have tried to find couples to go out with a few times, and maybe this was a couple we could hang out with from time to time. Another friend and her escort were also coming, so it should be fun.

Well, it was a different experience than the one I was planning on having. Mr. Perfect & I arrived twenty minutes before nine. The restaurant was crowded and busy. We texted my friend to see where she was and to ask if they needed us to get a table. She said yes, for six. So we added our name for a table. The wait time for a group of six was about two hours at this time. We decided not to tell our friend, as it was nine already and she still wasn’t there. There was no use in telling her and allowing her to think she could be even later.

The wait time was actually more like  forty-five minutes, since most people decided to go to the bar and eat a limited menu rather than wait two hours for food. Mr. Perfect and I explain the others aren’t there and they tell us that they will escort them to our table when they ask (we gave Mr. Perfect’s name). So we sit and order water while we wait…and wait…and wait.

It was close to ten thirty before they arrived, after several texts, calls, angry stares from the waiter, being asked if we wanted a smaller table & whether or not we were sure they were really coming. After they arrived, they didn’t apologize or acknowledge the position they put us in at all. She didn’t introduce her fiancée or explain what had happened.

Usually when Mr. Perfect & I go out with other couples, something equally uncomfortable happens. First, it was a jealous, crazy, possessive girlfriend who soured the evening; then it was going out with the couple on the verge of breaking up. We have stood in movie theater lobbies while people argued whether or not he looked at that girls butt, sat on couches while couples fought about not being ready and tossed insults about each other’s weight and time management skills, and sat in restaurants sipping water by ourselves at a table for six; what gives?

I always thought that hanging out with other couples was one of the fun things to look forward to when you are part of a twosome. Couple’s game night, dinner & a movie, getting together to watch the game. Where do we meet the people who like to do THAT? I am so tired of being uncomfortable & not enjoying myself, of sitting there having to admit Mr. Perfect was right–I’d rather be cuddled up on my floor watching TV and eating carry out with him instead of here.

And why can’t we be on time anywhere?

I know of one cool couple, but they are newlyweds and aren’t thinking of anything else–and go them, but who are we supposed to go out with? Well, I FINALLY tracked down the female half of that couple and we are going to dinner tonight, so maybe once we catch up and hang out, we can reintegrate the guys and see how they get along.

I better go before I’m one of those late people I’m always complaining about. But leave me your thoughts on couples’ dating. What do you do? How well does it work? Any horror stories of your own?

4 thoughts on “Event Planning on the Fly

  1. Couples dating suck. The end. lol No, we’re lucky enough 2 have 1 other couple to hang out with! We rarely do though, since we prefer the indoor life. Too bad you’re not in MD! lol

  2. We’ve got a few good couple to hang out with so we don’t really run into this problem. I do know a couple who is always late for everything. After learning this, I make sure that I add an extra half hour to whatever time they say they are going to be somewhere.

  3. Being in my aunt & uncle’s manners and housekeeping bootcamp– er, living with my aunt & uncle, has entrenched in me the habit of being on time…I know people don’t start shows on time or show up on time. but I can’t seem to not be there on the agreed upon time, lol! Hopefully we will find a good solid couple to do things with…even if we have to move to make it happen!

  4. I love couple date nights! The catch is to choose normal couples who know to leave the arguments or unfinished business at home lol even married couple with decades under the belt do the same thing.

    Ol’ girl from the story was rude – not sure I’d wanna do anything else with them or, maybe I should give the benefit of the doubt, and think she was under a lot of stress and didn’t feel like discussing it at that time.

    One thing about spending time with other couples is you find out how messed up or sane your relationship really is. Gotta do that sometimes or else you lose touch with reality lol and it’s just fun.

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