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The End of Ordinary

Sometimes life doesn’t go the way you plan. If you’re me, life almost never goes the way you plan. I get disappointed so much, it’s become routine, ordinary. All of the ambition I used to have has been stalled and stuck in the muck for eons; that’s ordinary now, as well.

A friend from high school was very excited that she had someone comment on her blog whom she didn’t know. I didn’t know she had one, so I asked her for the link. It turns out her blog is written under the pen name she has published her book under (the second one is with her editor. Your most likely to be an author blogger, on the other hand, has yet to deliver on all off the promise so many people saw/see in her. That is becoming alarmingly ordinary.

Well, I am bored with the ordinary of my life. I am tired of feeling like a fat failure with nothing to be proud of but the accomplishments of long ago. It sucks to only be able to talk about how you used to be great once, how much potential you have.Potential has become a freeloader who hasn’t helped pay a bill since I can remember.

The end of ordinary’s reign has arrived. It’s time to start doing all those things I said I would do. I’m starting today with beginning a few Some College pieces. Watch me work!