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Day 1–Again

I have been doing well with a lot of my personal goals so far, but the one I quit on early was writing here everyday. I decided to pick it up again today. It will probably get a little boring, but I am always on the look-out for interesting topic. You can check the Twice Told Tales tab for any really good ones you may have missed (to be updated soon). So without further ado: friends and romantic relationships.

All of us know at least one person (usually female, unfortunately) who gets involved in a romantic relationship and loses touch with all of the friends they have. They get so single-minded in the pursuit of true love that we don’t see or hear from them anymore, until they come back heartbroken, if ever. I was always one of those dumped friends who was still around when the dust settled, but now that I am in a relationship, I can see how you can get caught up in it so deeply.

I’ve never had a lot of friends, and the ones I do have I’m very close with. I talked to them at least weekly . Mr. Perfect and I spend enough time apart that I am not taking away from our time to catch up with friends and family, work my second job once a month, and blog/ veg out watching Bones. If friends are available, I can go out to movies or do girl’s night things. I believe that relationships take time to grow & build; this includes friendships.

The other aspect I welcome your thoughts on is the aspect of friendly relations with your significant other’s friends. There may be that one friend he has that you don’t like, can’t understand why he likes them, or maybe you have a friend that rubs him the wrong way. You can’t erase those relationships (especially when most have been in their lives before you & may well be after), so how do you make nice & cope? Is there ever a your friend or me moment?

How do you balance the relationships in your life? Does it work? What ways have failed?

3 thoughts on “Day 1–Again

  1. Wow, I feel the same way…I’ve been struggling with feeling as though I give more to friendships than I receive, and in the past, when I’ve felt that way, I’ve pulled away from those friends that just aren’t as good a friend to me, as I to them, and intentionally kept a small group of friends. And it sounds like you have that as well, a small meaningful circle, as well as a good balance with your man and your friends. Don’t you just wish everyone had that balance? I appreciate it THAT much more being single myself, now, after NOT being single for so long. So, not a lot of advice to share, just my two cents/thoughts overall. great post.

  2. It seems that there will always be at least one awful friend. That’s where I send him off on his own so I don’t have to be subjected to the offending person.
    On a different note, I’ve had “friends” that never initiated phone calls or planning lunch, so eventually, I shed them and feel much lighter since I can focus on the ones who do have time for friendship.

    Good luck on your personal goals!

  3. At this stage in the game, hopefully there’s a level of maturity that encompasses all parties involved.

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