Leave it to social media to tell you exactly where you standa with individuals. I said that I would be fine with whatever response I received after letting it be known that I hadn’t agreed with some statements a friend made, and I stand behind the assertion. I just felt I should share how things stand at the moment, to follow through with the ark of the story.

This person actually never responded to me specifically. This is not breaking news, since the issues weren’t addressed with me to begin with. However, I was “unfriended/followed” after one of those, “I’m getting rid of some people from my life commentaries on a social networking site. ( Just so you know, I abhor statements of intent on FB, twitter, blogs…anywhere really; just do it already! Don’t threaten me (with a good time! lol…best line.))

What this lets me know is that the friendship was not a friendship or even an acquaintance for this person, but a brief cure for boredom & a well of fodder for their social media. To even say what was said violated a trust that was not mine. If said individual cared at all about our friendship, the effort to rectify the situation, to explain the rationale behind sharing that information, would have been forthcoming.

It was never my intention to make this blog into a place to bash someone I used to call friend, but I must admit I started a new blog because my old readership’s intermingling with my real life was causing problems, & this person played a part in that. I am looking forward to better clarifying what this space is about, and doing more of what I originally set out to do.

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