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What I Wanted to Say

Do you ever have those moments where people cut you off before you finish saying what you wanted to say to them? Have you ever felt like telling someone how you really felt, but stopped because of ingrained good manners? Have you ever let something go just to end the argument so you can have peace? Have you ever wanted to scream and yell but didn’t because you might regret it later?

Yes. I do. All.The.Time. I may say quite a bit, but it’s almost never what I wanted to say. Sometimes it’s out of politeness, to keep the peace, to end the fight, and sometimes it’s because before I say it someone interrupts me. I’ve created this space to finally get out all of those things I want to say. This is my space to rewrite conversations, redo moments, have my say, give my opinion…all that jazz. 

I love comments, discussion, dialogue–whatever name you call it, I enjoy it! So don’t be shy about posting replies to anything I write. As long as it’s respectful I will not censor it; that’s what I’m here to get away from.

Hopefully this will be a growing experience and not just a venting space. Either way, welcome and enjoy!