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I felt drained to the dregs in the bottom of the bottle today. I had the beginnings of a migraine pinching my head, neck and shoulders, so I left work early to come home and rest, something I almost never do. But this day was not going well, and I needed a moment to step back and rest a bit.

I woke up late and didn’t feel well. I overslept. My body was saying, “Stay here, 2blu…call in,” but I staunchly refused. I had to stop and get gas, and was late, of course. I sliced the pad of a finger open with a staple I was removing from an invoice. I was looking at the same invoice for several minutes, not comprehending anything, and asking dumb questions about them because I couldn’t get my fuzzy brain to work. I had to give it up before I messed something up.

I know I owe you a ton of things–movie reviews, TV show reviews, deep thought provoking meditations and wisdom, silliness–but I am drained. I’ll spend a little time updating the look and feel of this blog while my iPod resyncs (oh, yeah, I almost forgot…took it to work and found it had erased itself and it had to be restored and resynced), and that will be it…at least for a while.


3 thoughts on “Drained

  1. Just relax. When you wake up feeling like you need a break, listen to your body, it is telling you something! Life will keep passing you by, but sometimes you need to take time out for yourself. Enjoy it. We in NZ call it a Mental Health Day!

    Thinking of you and hope you are feeling happier and better soon. 🙂

  2. it’s okay to rest sometimes… we’ll let you off the hook this time 😉

  3. Karen–my aunt (a mental health counselor) calls it the same thing! It always feels like you’re cheating a bit when you get off the hamster wheel, though, as if you are just being lazy or weak and need to get back in there.

    Nashvilleben-Long time no hear! Thanks for letting me off the hook. Sometimes you just need permission, lol. Hope all is well with you.

    I enjoyed my time of rest, for half of a day 😀 I felt so refreshed at work yesterday, so motivated. Now I’m tired all over again, of course. Come on weekend!

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