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The IRS is Not my Friend Anymore

I can’t believe the federal government is trying to get me to pay them taxes instead of giving me a tax refund like they give every other no account individual in these great United States. People all over the land and country are stimulating the economy with their ill gotten tax gains right now, having claimed other folks children and all. It’s not my fault I don’t have eight kids. I’m an almost 25 year old single woman who’s never been married–why the hell would I have any kids? I think I should get a tax credit for keeping my freaking legs together instead of making children for you (federal government) to support. It’s not my fault I pay my stupid student loans every month instead of staying in school and collecting money from you (federal government) in the form of loans to avoid paying all the money you already gave me and to get a bigger tax return.

Forgive me if I sound a little peeved, but I’m going to be real with you: I am BEYOND peeved. I will even tell you all my business so you can grasp the full extent of my peeved-ness. I only made 23 and some change last year. Nevertheless, I paid rent (in an area where rent is inflated by students and corporate people who work in the research park), paid another car payment (since my other car was totaled by a kid who was so young he had to call his dad to the accident), car insurance, 4 separate student loan payments, phone, lights, gas, gas for car, cable, internet, food and etc. I know people who make twice what I do who have their loans in forbearance, people who don’t have any legitimate reason for not paying other than they don’t want to. I know people who don’t pay because they have kids to feed and bills to pay, but I’m not talking about them. I’m talking about people who somehow manage to trick the system into allowing them not to pay, or who reenroll in school every time their student loans come out of deferment. I didn’t do that. I am broke as soon as I get my check every week, but yet and still I paid for what I had. Now you mean to tell me people who make two and three times what I make with less bills and obligations will get 3, even $4000 back, and I owe the government? I’m sorry, the hell I do! The government owes me for the lie they sold me that if I was a good student and got into college and did well, there would be an at least $30,000/yr. job waiting for me; that promised me that I would see all of these tax breaks and incentives; that lead me to believe that doing the right thing gets rewarded in this country. The only things I’ve seen are tax breaks for folks who seem to be doing quite well, well enough to buy brand new fuel efficient cars, well enough to buy a house in this buyer’s market, well enough to afford to have 2, 3, 4 children, well enough to afford contributions to stocks, bonds, money markets, CDs, IRAs. If I had money to do all of that, Federal Government, I wouldn’t need a frickin’ frackin’ tax return. I you would’ve just made good on your promise of a 30k or higher job, I wouldn’t need it either. The fact that I don’t have any of these things should let you know that I can’t pay yet another person anything.

You would have gotten all of my money back anyway. I was going to pay up my student loans with it, go back and visit my mother and officially moved the rest of my things out of the family house, celebrate my chapter’s 30th anniversary, buy Mr. Perfect a valentine gift, pay up my car insurance and renew my tags. I wasn’t going to buy a flat screen, get my hair and nails done, or spend it on shoes and purses, as much as I would have liked. The truth is, IRS, I needed that money for things that mattered. Obviously, you could care less.

Screw you, IRS! I would like to give a friendly balanced Christian response, to say that we are governed by the laws of the land and we need to respect the offices that God has ordained. I would like to say that I have no problem paying taxes because of all of the benefits that said taxes afford me and my community. But I don’t see any benefits and God is still working on getting me to a place where I can accept that others get breaks in this life that don’t deserve them just because for them this is all there is. That’s cool, but I’m still broke and they’re still asking me to pay them money. God help me regain my cool and not pack up and move to France!


Now I get to go eat my Chef Boyardee and wrap up in my blanket and be mad while watching this cable I paid for. After I missed all my shows filling out this tax refund. Excuse me, while I filled out this paperwork to see how much I owed the federal government. With the heat and the air off because nobody is going to pay the ridiculous electric/gas bills but me. Oh, I am steaming.


2 thoughts on “The IRS is Not my Friend Anymore

  1. Wow! After college, I worked at the Hartford Ins making $28k and that was hard as hell because I had bills on top of bills. You know I have kids so I am sure I don’t fit into your rant but I don’t know anyone without kids. All those who do not have kids are either students or working full time. Their salary? I have no clue but it must be more than $23k if they can afford to do things such as going out, eating out, shopping for stuff they don’t need, getting nails done, etc.

    Have you tried applying for a financial hardship forbearance? I qualified for it (prb cause I have a household of 3) but I’m sure you have already checked into that already. Obviously the first thing my older friends will tell me is to lose the luxuries (cable, internet, car pymt, etc) but it depends on what you simply can’t afford to do without (for example, I can get by w/o a car but I’m not sure how that’ll work in FL).

    Have you thought about getting a 2nd job? I can’t believe you make 4 separate student loan pymts. Why haven’t you consolidated your loans? Would it lower your rate or simply lock it in? Mine were consolidated through William something something (lol I can’t remember off the top of my head) but it’s a gov agency. I did that because I had defaulted on some and was about to default on other right when I moved from Indy to Chi, was going thru my divorce, and getting $0 child support.

    There are ways around being broke….the main one may be a 2nd form of income. Get creative if you wanna keep your “luxuries” which are really staple items in today’s society! I’d die without my cell phone alone.

  2. Since I live by myself, some luxuries are necessities. I have to have a phone, or else no one would know if I died or had a flat. My cable is included in my rent. And I wouldn’t have a car payment if my car wasn’t totaled. I work 45 minutes away and there is not transportation between cities such as trains, etc here, which necessitates my driving to work. I tried to consolidate–Sallie Mae (which is one of the four and is a consolidation of four separate loans) stopped their program and is even selling off people’s loans. The government isn’t giving the incentives for it anymore that it used to, so reputable lenders dropped the programs. I had some of them forbeared before, but I’d really like to pay them off before I die, so I can qualify for something (that debt to income ratio will keep you from a lot of things, including a good interest rate on my car).

    I have thought about a second job, but I’ve been there and done that. I worked at least two jobs and usually three for over a year when I first came here. It wasn’t worth it. I did nothing but work and sleep, still didn’t have any money or luxuries, was tired all the time, and had no social life whatsoever. I worked remotely for my aunt doing paperwork, my third job of last year, and all that brought me was a headache. Working on the weekends wouldn’t add enough money when you subtract gas, to really be worth it. Added to the fact I live by the university and all of the restaurants, clothing stores, and side hustles are already being worked by students.

    I have cut every luxury you can imagine. I do my own hair, haven’t had a manicure, pedicure or much needed waxing in nearly a year, only go out to eat with Mr. P, don’t buy movies, CDs, books, clothes, shoes, hats, coats (which I needed when it got cold but I wore a valour track suit jacket b/c that’s all I had), medicine, hair products, and non-essential food items. I lowered my phone plan (twice), I lowered my car insurance. I even got a .30/hr raise at work. I did everything that I could do. I’m making it but not comfortably.

    My problem is that now the federal government, which on any other occasion hands out money like popcorn, insists they didn’t take enough money from me when my paycheck clearly shows they got their 20% on time every check. They got their student loan money (with interest) all year. What more do they want? To frogmarch me to the poor house?

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