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Monday Meditation

***Thinking of doing one of these every week, so let me know what you think! This one will be a little rough, but the point of the MM is to give you something to think about/ponder. I’m not promising it will be deep; as a matter of fact, most days it will be downright random, but it will provoke thought…usually. Don’t have a title for this one, but here it goes…

I watched a lot of sports this weekend, between Mr. Perfect’s football and my love affair with the Australian Open. Two people stand out in my mind as subjects for thought: Andy Roddick and Brett Favre.

As I watched Brett Favre get cracked and sacked time after time, get up limping or grabbing a shoulder, yet still determined to go back out and play, I felt like he deserved to win. To want it so badly, to keep going for it when you are continuously beaten back, you should get what you seek. And poor Andy Roddick, playing with a bum knee and sore shoulder, enduring five set grind matches only to be called on to muster the same courage for the next round after only a couple days. These people deserve to get tothe next level, right?

But then what? The Superbowl and the Semi-Finals? Is it worth it? What if you give all of that to get that one step closer, and then when it really counts, you have nothing left?

Quite a few people think Brett Favre should have retired a while ago, but this was arguably his best year ever. He got to break somemore records, and almost got back to the Superbowl. But at what cost physically? At what cost to his family and relatiionships? Is he that much more likely to get Parkinson’s or some other degenerative brain disease for those extra pummelings he took? It remains to be seen.

I don’t knock anyone for being competitive or giving their all to whatever they do, but I don’t believe in all plus, sacrificing things that are better/more important in the long run. When you feel you can’t go on sometimes you have to tap out. Obedience is better than sacrifice (scripture when I get to my Bible.) Obey your body. Obey your mind when it screams for a break (not procrastination, mind you, but for a strategic retreat to marshall the troops). Obey your spirit when it tells you it needs feeding and care.

We are all busy; at least, I know I am. But a hot bath, a cool drink, a prayer– these things don’t take long, and canrecharge us enough to see if the end is worth the rough road you have to cross. The chicken, this scared little bird, crosses a road to get to the other side, not for fun, but because there’s something over there he can’t get where he is. Why are you crossing? Even if it’s a vain attempt, are you haappy enough you tried, because you u couldn’t stay where you were? Favre did not get to the Supeowl; was it worth it to him, all the agony, for almost? If so,Then congrats for being brave enough to try.

4 thoughts on “Monday Meditation

  1. Speaking for myself (and those I have participated in sports with) some athletes give their all to play at the top of their game. That does not always mean professionally….it could mean at the top of your own standards you’ve set for yourself. Favre clearly loves the game since he can’t seem to pull his self off the field long enough to stay retired so I understand how pain, bruises, injuries, leaving it all on the field can make the non-athletic shake their heads confused. Some are their sports. It is who they are. It is what they live to do. Some may die inside if they don’t get to do what they do.

    I have been there when my family & friends are 2nd to my running. My body screams in agony during that last mile but I keep going because knowing I listened and stopped would kill me inside as opposed to finishing it and passing out from the pain perhaps. It’s hard to explain but I know to try is not enough. To try is only asking for 2nd place. To try and feel satisfied with trying is something no real athlete I know would ever say.

    He didn’t make it to the Superbowl but he did play till the end. If he had injured his self permanently I am sure he would not have a single regret because that goal is that important….he worked his entire career to get to this ultimate challenge. Of course the gym trainers and your gym teacher tell you to listen to your body and rest or take it easy. These are pro athletes so they know their limit. I am no pro but I have been training myself long enough to know what my body can & cannot do but, come race time, I’m giving it my all with no regret. If it was me, I’d rather have life with running than no running at all. Personally, athletes are psycho lol you have to be to extend yourself the way some do but it’s such a great feeling to know you can do something some can’t even do in life.

  2. I was more questioning not the competitive nature or wanting to leave it all on the field but not holding back for more important things. Like how the Colts chose not to have a perfect season to rest people for the playoffs and a superbowl birth. Or, at the opposite end, how Tiger Woods kept playing golf while his wife was in labor. Or ending up like Muhammed Ali when you’re old because you didn’t know when to quit. I agree most professional athletes know their limits, but some are addicts; they don’t choose to listen to what their body is telling them. My philosophy in pushing my limits is like John Witherspoon in Friday “You win some, you lose some. But you live to fight another day.”

    I don’t know much about the feelings of athletes and their motivations, professional or recreational. I used them as a springboard to talk about how sometimes I push regular old me to the limit in areas of my life and go for broke, only to get broke and realize it wasn’t worth the chase anyway. Sometimes we all need to check our priorities and whether the things that seem to make us happy or mean the most really have the weight we give them. Still, it’s hard for me to back off anything I set out to do, whether or not I realize something isn’t right in the middle. Whether people tell me I’m wrong. Whether people tell me not to. I can get tunnel vision and only see the goal. This is my little reality check to me. I’d like to fight tooth and nail for the playoff game, but it would suck to lose the Superbowl because I went too hard in the regular season/ playoff run. Sometimes, you have to rest the starters and let the bench play. Can’t wait to see how it turns out for the Saints and Colts. A real test for two philosophies?

  3. Yeah resting the starters would have been a bad move for the Vikings esp when the game was tied most of the way. Putting in your bench-riders would basically say you wanna lose the game lol you pay the starters to play well so let them play. No 2nd string QB was good enough to lead the team like Brett.

    Tiger playing golf while his wife was giving birth…I’m not mad at him honestly….golf is his life. I’m sure his wife knew that going in & Tiger didn’t think anything of it. Ali has the same illness as MJ Fox….so boxing is the common denominator? No, maybe Ali wouldn’t have gotten Parkinson if he hadn’t boxed or maybe it was totally unrelated to boxing at all.

    I hope the Saints win, but if not, I’ll be happy with the Colts winning lol although I love the underdogs.

  4. LOL, if I was Tiger’s wife I would’ve blamed him. Exactly why I don’t believe he has a sex addiction. Addictions interfere with your life so that you can’t do what you would like to do/have to do, like going to work, etc., and it wouldn’t matter if they all looked like supermodels or homeless people, he’d still sleep with them. Since he was able to be so focused and play golf and exercise so much, I’d say those were his addictions, and sex was just something he felt entitled to do, with whoever he felt like, not compelled to do with whomever was available. But I only took 1 psych class, so I’ll defer to my counselor aunt on that one!

    Degenerative brain diseases and sports where you get popped in the head definitely have a link. It is more likely for boxers and footballers to get these diseases (saw it on 60 minutes and everything, lol), which is why it was so shocking when Michael J Fox came forward. It’s not the common denominator, but it can be a factor, certainly.

    I don’t care who wins the Superbowl as long as it’s a good game. I get so tired of watching blowouts and nonsense. Remember, I’m from Michigan, so I haven’t had anyone to root for in a LONG time, LOL! But I like Blue & White, so go Colts! (And I just have to be oppositional, lol!)

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