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Accentuating the Positive

It’s very early in the day, and early in the year, but there are some positives. I turn 25 this year. That’s not neccessarily a positive; it’s just a fact. However, things change when you’re 25. One change I’ve already noticed is….my car insurance is dropping for $40! Whoo hoo! Hip Hip Hooray for growing up, I guess. That, combined with my raise, will definitely help me reach the financial goals that I have for the year.

I have gotten off to a better start than I thought that I would. I’m usually a slow starter, if I can ever get myself to start. I find all sorts of reasons to put off starting, or to slow down, especially if it involves something that I should be doing. Sometimes I want the results but can’t convince myself to do the work it takes to get there. There are still a few areas that fall into that category, but I have quite a few successes.

I have been working out at least three times a week, which was part of my health/fitness goal. Eat more vegetables and healthier foods, and I have increased my water intake. I have written here everyday, even though one post didn’t get finished until slightly after midnight. I’m finding ways and means to have more accessible funds. I worked well enough to earn a raise,  paid my car payments on time enough to get rid of the buy here, pay here and have the loan taken over by a legitimate, report to the credit bureaus company, and having the SunPass reduces my toll payments by 10%. 

There are still many areas to be worked on, but I am off to a good start.

You’ve got to…”accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative, hold on to the affirmative, don’t mess with mister in-between!” –Betty Jean Wilkins, my 7th & 8th grade French teacher and Theatrical Musical Troupe Leader.  That’s easier said than done, but I do the best I can with trying to live up to it. 

Don’t worry, the next few entries will be more interesting.

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  1. Looking on the bright side is the best way to go through life! Congrats on your successes and sticking to your goals. (Now, if only I could make my New Years resolutions last more than a couple of weeks!)

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