No More Lamenting

I am at work and it is time for my Bible reading, so just a quick note for now. This week–sucking greatly.What between the headaches, the not having a phone, the late rent, the, well, everything, it has been one crappy week, and it’s only Wednesday. Pray for me that this week gets better.

It is a very sad day when you really start to realize how tenuous your grip on the ends really is, when trying to make ends meet is just too much work. Sometimes I wonder if it will always be like this for me, why it’s like this for me.

Well, no more lamenting. Yesterday I read Psalms 73, and it picked my spirits right up. Even when it seems like nothing ever happens to those who aren’t living right and it all happens to you, there is an equalizer, and He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek him. Amen!

More later.

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