Candy Apples & Other Delicacies

Without getting into all the details of where I have been and what I have been up to, I will highlight the major writing developments. I had an awesome Intro to Creative Writing Class that actually taught me some things about being a better writer and how to make my writing tighter, leaner. I learned how to stop leaning so much on adjectives (one of my major weaknesses) and to utilize better verbs, making the verbs describe the action. Some really good pieces came from the exercises that the teacher for that class gave us. I only wish that I’d had more time to take more Creative Writing courses, because more than the teaching aspect, the exercises were such great starting points for stories.

I came away with one really strong story, “Candy Apples.” The story does actually have something to do with candy apples, but it’s mostly about abuse and sexual/love addiction that results from abuse. Two other characters besides the main character seem worthy of their own short stories, and I have begun to pursue that as well. There were also four good poems, “Riding Lessons” “Once” “Grief” and “Twenty-Three.” One of the better exercises was this three page piece on plot. The choice of plot I chose was a young child whose father is in jail. We had to make a whole plot from that: from start, to rising action to climax to resolution, to falling action. Mine came out very well, from the point of view of the little boy with a third person narrator. It isn’t titled yet.

I gave all of these, along with an excerpt of “Or Every Man be Blind” to my boyfriend for him to read and let me know what he thinks about them. I won’t hear back from him until tonight at the earliest, and maybe even later than that. I hope he likes them, or can at least lead me in a good direction with them.

I am looking into publishing again. I will let you know how it goes.

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