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Blow My House Down

So far, things have been very up and down for me. To top off the loss of a job, I am also dealing with the loss of an apartment. Alas, my apartment complex has been bought out by a different company, and that company is putting me out two days after Christmas. Yes, that’s right, two days after Christmas. So I am now looking for a job and a place to stay.

Luckily for me, I am also looking at two job prospects. Two jobs have contacted me and I have begun the process for their jobs. I interviewed, tested, and gave two references to the first job yesterday (and both of those references have been received by them). The second job that I applied for I gave references for today (and so far, two of the four have told me they were contacted by that company and gave their references. So we are moving right along in the job market. I am impressed. It took me months to get interviews before, and then only to be rejected by everyone but the bank I finally worked for. Now, within 9 days I have had one interview and one I am very close to interviewing for.

But of course, after my interview I get home to a lease termination notice. As I said, up and down. But I have a wonderful wealth of people to call on for references and sources for leads on jobs and apartments.

I found an apartment today that would be perfect; in fact, if I had went there first, I would have been staying there. The only problem is I don’t have the job in place yet. I have pay stubs from my first job, but no employment verification. So I am really hoping to get called back and soon…rent is still due, and I need to know what I can possibly do to not end up paying rent to two places at once while still getting out of the old apartment as quickly as possible. To top it all off, I have to get a new license, because I just changed my address to this one less than two weeks ago….are you serious?!

But I believe that God is going to see me through all of this just fine. I think that some houses are meant to be blown down, and my previous house was. It’s time for me to build a better one on a better foundation. On a job I like, rather than one I settled for. In an apartment I like, and not one I panicked and took because I could afford it. I need to build a life I want to live, and not one that is comfortingly safe and thoroughly boring. And I know I wouldn’t have if I’d had a choice.