Preparation, Spiritual and Financial

It’s been a quick minute since I last wrote, because things are always so hectic that I barely know which way I am turning around in the wind, let alone have time to write anything. I’ve been working an average of 12-hours a day four days a week, eight hours a day two days a week, and 6 and a half on Sunday. A sister is on the case for her money!

Needless to say, I am excited about school, but it’s expensive trying to get my things down from Michigan to Florida, as well as getting things here. I don’t know if I will be where I want to be by the time school starts, but I will have the essentials accounted for. So school is where my focus is right now. I move into my apartment in two weeks.

In getting ready for school, I am doing the usual things to get myself prepared, or the usual since last year and the year before–getting my hair appointments, getting eyebrows done, getting the mani-pedi, working out, cutting out the crazy stuff like soda (four and five cans a day–no lie a sistah was addicted), caffeine (in the South–with all the sweet tea floating around!), and drinking more water. In short, all of the little things that had to go by the wayside to save for school, all the things I didn’t have time to see to, and all the things I hadn’t thought about.

It’s true, I’ve been doing my Yoga for a while, very lightly, to destress a bit, along with prayer and Christian meditation, but that is for my own calm, not for fitness. It took me a while to find a yoga thing I liked, because some of the spiritual stuff that some enthusiasts believe goes along with yoga is out there, especially since I’m Christian and look upon my spiritual in the light of Christ, but I found some that focused on the movements and breathing. Some of the things are so hard to do, you can’t think of anything but breathing, and after a while, your head is empty and you can focus for a while before everything else comes flooding in.

As for the Christian meditation, I’m working my way through the spiritual disciplines using Foster’s A Celebration of Discipline. I’m on discipline two–prayer. One was meditation. Meditation is very calming–the simple one I know anyway. I’m sure there are many ways to meditate, but the one Foster suggests in his book that I tried is sitting with palms down, symbolizing setting down, giving problems and cares over to God, and palms up, open and receiving from God. You can concentrate on specific things to give and receive, or keep it general, or not at all. Just the actions and knowing what you mean by them can work. I have issues and requests, though, so I rarely just sit and breathe, lol, God and I have some things to talk on!

I’ve been going to church regularly and getting my life together in everyway I can think of. Each week, I add in a new ball to juggle–getting up earlier, no caffeine, no soda, less of this, more of that–and, once I’m sure that one is going, I add another–prayer in the morning and at night, Bible study daily, read something everyday. Life is about balance for me in this moment, as much as is possible working like I work.

Praise be to God for leading me this far, and prayer that I keep keeping on in faith and Christian love.

An Almost Grown Woman

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