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Moving on All Four Cylinders

So much has happened to an almost grown woman since she last wrote that she doesn’t know where in the world to start, except where she left off. You remember how I was talking about how well I had done at Purdue? Well, it was such a good showing they gave me a fee remission that spring, almost $3,000. I became a Zeta Lady, I made new friends, and life was looking fabulous. I came back to Florida to work and it was all good until this time last year.

This time last year, I found out a bunch of my financial aid hadn’t gone through. I was short so much financial aid that I could have only attended one semester, at best. I tried to think about what in the world I was going to do, but nothing was really coming to me. Then I thought, I’ll go back to Michigan, go to Oakland University, put all this behind me and start over. That was cool for a while, but when I got back to Michigan, it was a mess. I couldn’t get transportation to the school, I didn’t have the money for books, my transfer of chapters wasn’t getting done with the Purdue Zetas. It was crazy. It wasn’t working. I wasn’t working, literally. I finally had to withdraw a few weeks into the semester.

I sat around for a few months, trying to get myself together and figure out what to do, when I finally broke down and called my aunt for advice. Less than two weeks later, I had a plane ticket back to Florida. As long as I live, I will never forget that. No matter how much she gets on my last nerve every now and then, I can’t forget that. Nobody else gave to good curse words if I never got on my feet, save Mom, except my aunt.

So I came back. I started at the group home again the day after I landed. I had done a lot of stuff to establish residency already, like have a driver’s licence, but there was still a lot to be done to get me in school and on my feet. So I went to work. I got another job substitute teacher, another job doing policy and procedures. I got a car. I started visiting schools. I got myself a voter registration card and a library card.

After all of that, I found a new school, which I will be attending in the fall. I have an 01 cavalier that had 46,650 when I bought it in March. I have XM in my car. I started working at JC Penney when school let out, and get a 20% discount. Life is again moving on all 4 cylinders.

Life in Florida now is very different than it was before. For one, I attend my own church, I go where I want when I want, and I am moving towards my goals again. Despite all of the uncertainty and all of the struggle, I am still standing. I can still hold my head up. I have done something that would have broken some people. I am paying for everything I own, I am choosing my own destiny, so if I mess this up, I can only blame myself. And that’s really grown up.