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So here’s what has been going on in the months and months since I’ve written. I actually finished two stories, the vandalism piece and the art piece. I decided to name the vandalism piece “the American Gift,” and the art piece “Or every man be Blind.” I’ve since rethought both titles, and some of the finer points of the stories. However, before I did this, I sent both pieces in to different contests. I didn’t win either, but I was proud of myself for going for it and trying.

Since then, I barely have enough time to sleep, let alone write much. I’ve come back to writing with a lot of material though. In the meantime I was a substitute teacher, I work at a department store, I work as an independent consultant typing business policies and procedures, and I still work in a group home. So there’s a lot to write about when time is there to write.

I did start some new pieces and began making revisions to the two pieces I submitted and a couple others. I started a piece I’ll call the religious story, about a woman who does something religious without being sincere and experiences supernatural consequences. That’s the most I can say at the moment, and I know it’s vague, but hey. I also started writing more extensively about a character in the piece I submitted to the literary awards competition last January. The character’s name is Beulah. I think the piece on her is really good. Other than that, it’s mostly been random scribblings, me jotting down things I want to remember to write about.

I think that I’m going to rename this diary and start fresh under the title “FutureBestseller Reloaded.” Even though I am not a fan of any Matrix movie, “Reloaded” is a good word, makes me think of guns.

Well that’s it for now. More later. But not way later like this one was.