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Lately, I’ve been doing more reading than writing, because I want to see what is out there, what is being written about that is having an impact on the world. Right at this moment, I am reading a book called. “Redneck Riviera,” by Dennis Covington. I am more than halfway finished with it. It is about a man who inherits a piece of worthless property in Florida and sets out to claim it. It has been taken over by squatters, hunters with a Hunt Club who treat the land they’re on, which was supposed to be a housing development, but turned out to be a land scam, like their own property, and try to scare the proper landowners away. It is a memoir piece, which I’ve been fiddling with memoir writing for a while. It is a really good example of memoir writing–funny, entertaining, deeply personal, yet all the more universal for its personal narration. I definately recommend it. The next two books on the list are Augusta Gone and The Dew Breaker. I’ll let you know how they turn out.

I feel as if the whole purpose of this blog, a space to interact and share my experiences as both a writer and a reader, is for nothing because no one reads anything I’ve been writing, so I think I will start to wind down this blog and move on to another thing. If you do read, when I decide where to go with it, I will leave a link. Thanks.

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