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Art for Art’s Sake

I deserve a handclap for finishing my short story on vandalism! Okay, so it’s not technically finished because I’m still revising, but it’s about the small victories.

So I have an idea about the art story. I finally think I know where I am going with it, theme wise. The vandalism piece was about rights, ownership, what you can and cannot own, what you can choose, be it memories, etc. There was a sense of empowerment in choice. The art story is not any of that, except choice. It’s mostly about choice to begin with, about the freedom of being able to choose, but more deeply, it’s about if the choices that matter are really the ones we get to make. And self-acceptance plays a big part in it. The art that she is creating, this piece of these men she is trying to keep is an effort to give herself a consolation prize for not being chosen. She choses men that don’t choose her in return, but she goes into the relationships knowing this already, so what’s her real motivation for choosing things she can’t keep? You’ll have to wait and see, along with me. My manuscript for the piece is going at it from a million different angles, and I am still sorting through the mess. But I’m just happy I’ve accomplished some more on the writing front.

I think that the jazzy piece is going to be something really special, if I ever get a chance to really delve into it like I want to. I’ve really been focusing on the shorter pieces that would be finished and ready to publish sooner. I keep finding things that I want to say, ideas that I want to get across, not just interesting characters, or fun plots; there’s a new demension of meaning. I just want to make sure that the ideas don’t overwhelm the material, or vice versa.

I’ll write more later.