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Trivial Pursuit?

I am not in school at the moment. I had financial difficulties. But, in typical me fashion, I decided not to let any of this get me down. I decided that I would take the semester off and pursue my dream of being published. I have started four new projects–which will be referred to as the vandalism story, the art story, the grandma story, and the boots story–and have been working on gettting them ready to submit to writing contests.

On to the stories: the boots story was the first new story that I began. It is about, not boots, but a guy, whose name is never uttered in the work, who is attacked in an alley, and is helped by a woman. The story started off from reality, then grew. I was trying to think of something to write when my father called, wanting to chat. He told me about a call he had from my uncle. My uncle, a pastor, stopped a group of guys from kickingĀ a guy to death. I immediately began to wonder about this from the guy’s point of view, what it must be like to be on the ground with this Timberland boot coming towards you again and again. But the attack in the alley, and all of the events thereafter, are completely from my imagination.

The next story I started was the Grandma story. Remember how I told you that Grandma and Great Grandpa were propped up against my computer? Well, I was looking at Grandma and I started thinking what kind of grandma she would have been, what type of things she would have told me. Then I started to think about my family, and other characters began to take shape. So far there is Grandma Ruby, the narrator, which at this point is me, an Aunt Carolyn (pronounced by the characters more like curl in), an Uncle Charlie, and Grandma’s daughter (and my mother) Cassie. The only person like anyone I know is Uncle Charlie, the rest are made up completely, even “me.” My narrator, Beverly, does something I would never do (I won’t reveal details) that starts the action of the story.

The art story is actually about a young woman who sleeps around. She happens to be a scupltor. So far, I haven’t gotten to the meat of the story yet, I’m just establishing her character. It’s still very much a work in progress.

Lastly, the vandalism story is the one I’m most excited about, and the one I want to reveal the least about. There’s a girl named Victoria who is the first person narrator. She has a problem, and the whole story started out about me and took a left. You see, I have this unique problem. I can remember things in startling detail, when I remember them. But there are some episodes of my life that are gone as soon as they have been lived. I can recall I had an experience, but I can’t remember it all, just pieces. It’s why I keep so many diaries, to help recollect certain things I know I may forget. I started with an observation of this problem of mine, but then I thought, what if what she can’t remember are remembrances more sinister, things that she is actively not remembering, subconsciously? There is vandalism in this story, but you’ll have to wait until it’s published to find out how it fits in.

I was reading an Emily Dickinson poem and it struck so many of the themes in my recent works that I decided that I may use some lines or phrases for the titles. I haven’t decided on what to call which story yet.

Well, that’s it for the writing life, aside from reviving some old favorites. I added two characters to my Aria story, Jazz and Mr. Magic himself, Magic Kilburn. I didn’t know Magic was going to be a first name until I wrote it. His mother was a fan of Magic Johnson, I guess. I love this character, as well as Jazz. This story is a good one with the names. Even Aria’s guitar is nicely named.

I will try to write more often. Wish me luck!